How To Avoid The Most Common Accidents In The Home?

The home can be a place of many potential dangers and accidents, especially those at a young or old age. If you do have someone elderly living in your home or a younger child or a person who suffers with disabilities, it is essential that you do everything you possibly can to make your home as safe as possible.

Slips and Trips on Stairs

The stairs in your home can be very dangerous, especially for those who are not very steady on their feet. It is very easy to slip or trip up and down the stairs, so it is important that you take your time when walking on them. You should never run up or down the stairs as it is very easy to lose control of your footing and this is when an accident can happen.

Grab Rails

To avoid accidents happening on the stairs you should install grab rails, these will be especially handy to those who are not confident in themselves walking up and down the stairs. If an elderly relative or friend slips down the stairs, you should immediately check that they have a grab rail to support them when they walk up and down the stairs, this will prevent an accident happening in the future.

Common Accidents In The Home

Stair Lift

If a grab rail does not provide enough support to someone walking up and down the stairs, then you may want to consider getting a stair lift fitted. A stair lift can be fitted to the side of the stair case and is controlled by a panel on the chair; you can simply sit in the chair and then press the button to go either up or down stairs. This is a safer option for those who are not able to walk up and down the stairs without any assistance.

Slips and Trips in the Shower

Much of the elderly will put off using the shower as much as possible; this is because it is a very dangerous place. Whether you are young or old, you most likely have had an incident in the shower when you have almost slipped over. It is important that you have all the safety equipment built into your shower to ensure a safe showering experience.

Grab Rails

The shower is also the perfect place for grab rails to be installed, they should be put all against the shower wall, this way a person can be assisted when walking to get in and out of the shower.

Non Slip Mats

It is essential that you have non slip mats in the bath tub to reduce the risk of someone falling whilst in the shower. Many accidents happen in the shower as it is very slippery; the non slip mats will provide a sturdier surface for you to stand whilst you are in the shower.