How To Choose The Best Microwave Safe Cookware

Buying a microwave oven is one smart move for any man or woman leading hectic life and balancing home with office! Microwave ovens are ideal for purposes like defrosting frozen food, reheating cooked meals fast and you can also use them for grilling, baking with ease. In fact, a lot of microwave users use the device for literally all cooking needs. However, it is not just enough to buy a feature rich, sleek looking microwave for your needs. You also need to buy and use the right type of cookware to utilize all features of the device properly.

Nuances of Microwave safe and compatible cookware

When it comes to microwave cookware, a lot of options are available and proper awareness is still lacking in mainstream users. As it is, you will find myriads of brands selling microwave safe cookware made of plastic and glass, but not all of them are suited for making all dishes in Microwave. What you have got bundled with your oven is possibly meant for reheating cold dishes and they are not suitable for cooking in microwave or using in convection mode. Mostly, you will use cookware made of toughened glass and food grade plastic in Microwave oven. Glass based cookware is compatible with all cooking modes while plastic is just good for reheating.

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Ways to pick the most suitable microwave cookware

You can buy various types of microwave cookware in the market and so many online shops also sell such products. When shopping for such cookware, keep the following aspects in mind.

  • When you buy any plastic based cookware for microwave, ensure the quality is suitable for use in Microwave. Some manufacturers mention the safe time limit for using such bowls and dishes in Microwave. For example, you may be able to use such cookware in defrost mode for a maximum of 2 minutes. If you use them in high heat for more time, the plastic may melt- leading to a messy experience!
  • You will find various Borosilicate glass based cookware for use in microwave. Thick glass based cookware is generally safe for use in various oven modes including combination mode. Glass neither melts in microwave oven nor does it get stained. Both of these are possible when you use plastic based containers in microwave improperly.
  • When shopping for Microwave cookware, keep the cavity size of your oven in mind, Microwaves are available in various sizes with ovens having 17 L capacity to those with 30 liter size flooding the market. You can ask the seller in case you have doubts if a particular bowl or dish will fit your oven properly or not.
  • Most of the microwave cookware you buy will be either round, oval or rectangular shaped. For even cooking and distribution of heat, you should stick to the round shaped bowls. When you cook foods in square or rectangle shaped bowls, heat is distributed more to the four corners of the bowl.
  • You may benefit from reading reviews of diverse microwave cookware on the web. Learn which ones have received favorable reviews from buyers and avoid those with lower ratings.

Summing it up

Buying suitable cookware for your microwave oven should not be very tough as long as you keep the basics in mind. Refrain from buying cookware that are not labeled as microwave ready or safe. You may use existing glass based cookware for microwave, but it would be good if you test them once before using for proper cooking! You need to be more careful when buying plastic based cookware for microwave use, as it is.