How To Clean A CRT TV At Home

It is the age of fancy electronics and flat screen TVs, and while it may seem like quite a task to set up these electronics and maintain them to keep them functioning properly, it is actually not that difficult. If you own a CRT TV and are looking to clean it without spending a whole lot of time, this is it! Keep reading and follow the simple list of tips to clean your CRT TV effectively at home with minimal effort.

Basics to Know

Before getting started with cleaning your CRT TV, here are a few basics you must keep in mind. CRT TVs usually have a glass screen, which is by far, the easiest to clean and maintain. These screens usually do not have any special coatings on them- however, you may want to check the manual, just to be sure. If the screen of your TV is made of glass, you may also know that it is prone to static, which is why, you may want to quickly swipe it with a fabric softener sheet after you’re done cleaning it- just to discourage new hair or dust sticking on it again. You may want to use a used dryer sheet as opposed to a new one, since it is less likely to leave residue on the screen.

Lastly, it is also important to note that there isn’t much you can do to keep the dust from settling on the glass screen of the TV- it is best to maintain it by cleaning it regularly- around once a week.

cleaning crt tv

Step 1

Flat screen monitors usually require special care when it comes to cleaning. The display tends to be much more sensitive, and is more likely to get scratched and damaged easily. Make it a point to use gentle pressure while cleaning the screen.

Step 2

Most commercial glass cleaners have certain strong chemicals in them, and if you’re not sure that they may be suitable for your TV screen, it is better to avoid using them. You could check out some mild cleaning agents instead, which could be available at most computer stores- they have little or no chemical content, and it may be a good idea to invest in these to maintain your TV screen.

Step 3

If you choose not to buy a cleaner, you could still clean your TV monitor as effectively by simply making your own cleaner at home. A simple mix of water, acetone, hexane, methyl chloride and isopropyl alcohol could clean your TV monitor effectively without causing it damage.

Step 4

Start by switching off the monitor of your TV screen, which is enough to expose any dirt, grime and marks on its surface. The first step is to use a clean, soft cloth which is reserved specially for cleaning this screen, and apply some cleaning solution on it. Wipe the screen from left to right throughout, and then from top to bottom until the entire screen is covered well. If there is any oil or slimy substance covering the screen, use a damp cloth to clean it, and then use some cleaner to remove any traces that might be left.

Step 5

You can clean the plastic frame that surrounds the screen using pretty much any simple cleaner, but if you sense it is strong, make sure it doesn’t touch the screen. Avoid spraying the cleaner directly on the screen as it may damage it. Instead, spray it on a clean cloth and then wipe the monitor using it. Avoid getting the TV screen exposed to any extreme temperatures or rough objects as it may cause irreparable damage to it.