How To Clean a Microwave Without Using OTC Products

When it comes to kitchen appliances and the conveniences offered by them, there is hardly anything that can come close to Microwave ovens. For needs such as reheating foods quickly, defrosting frozen meat and stuffs and cooking various yummy dishes, microwave seriously has no alternative. However, like other kitchen appliances a microwave oven also requires periodic cleaning. Over time, bits of cooked and heated food starts gathering in the oven cavity, lending it a dirty look and creating persistent odour. Cleaning the oven is required both for practical and health reasons.

Cleaning The Microwave Oven Without Commercial Products

It is very much possible to clean the cavity and exterior of your Microwave oven without using commercial cleaners. You can use commonplace kitchen ingredients to ensure your microwave oven remains sparkling clean and shiny for years! Below listed are top home based methods to clean microwave ovens:

1. Cleaning With Vinegar


White vinegar, a common culinary ingredient, can come in handy for cleaning up microwave oven. You will need to take a microwave proof thick glass bowl. Then, fill the half of it with water. Pour two spoons of white vinegar into the water. Now, place the bowl inside the oven. Switch on the oven and activate microwave mode with a time of 3 minutes or so. Keep the microwave power level to the highest setting. The steam vapor will engulf the oven cavity. After the cycle comes to an end, let the bowl remain inside the oven cavity for a couple of minutes. The steam will loosen the food particles stuck in the cavity. Then open the door and take out the bowl. Use a soft towel or cloth to wipe the interior. Take out the glass turntable and clean it with the hot water as well.

2. Cleaning With Lemon

lemon alkaline water

It is also simple to clean the microwave with lemon. Take a large lemon and cut it in half. Now put the lemon halves in a bowl half filled with water. The bowl should be made of microwavable glass. Now, microwave it for a minute or so. The lemon will become tender and the steam vapor will fill the cavity. Let it remain so for a couple of minutes and wait till the food bits stuck on walls loosen. Then open the oven door and take out the bowl and glass turntable. Use a soft cloth to clean the cavity and wipe it dry. Do not forget to clean the oven door as well.

3. Cleaning With Baking Soda

baking soda

If you do not like the aroma of lemon or vinegar yet want to clean the microwave without using OTC cleaning fluids, there is a way out. You can resort to using baking soda, another common household ingredient. Dissolve two spoons of baking soda in water and pour that water in a glass bowl that can be used in microwave oven. Set the microwave at highest power settings and let it run for two minutes or so. Let the steam remain inside and loosen up food granules in the cavity. Then open the door, take out the bowl and clean the walls and doors with a soft cloth.

Tips To Ensure Proper Cleaning of The Microwave

You may add a few drops of disinfectant liquid with lemon to deal with strong food odours in the oven cavity. At times, you may find the steam cleaning process cannot remove the stubborn food stains on the cavity wall. Use a soft cotton ball soaked in warm water to rub the spot until it dissolves. After you clean using steaming method, let the microwave dry for some time before you can use it again.