How To Decorate Your Home With Trash

The festive and holiday seasons create a push for cleaning up the house. This cleaning up can provide ample stuff that can be reused in most astounding ways to redecorate your living space. Besides, it also provides a unique and personalized touch to your house. Even better option is to add eco-friendly stuff to the decor of your house.

Rather than spending huge amounts on chic decor, using trash for decoration is better not only in terms of cost, but in giving a personalized touch as well.

Use Trash for Home Decor

Some of the effective suggestions to use trash for home decor have been provided for your help. Hope you enjoy reading.

Pick up old coasters

candle holders

Old coasters can be used as a beautiful base for candle stands. A mix-match of coasters from different sets can be good choice to provide an eccentric and enigmatic appeal.

Highlight your wall with Bone China Plates

bone china plates

The very conventional bone china crockery has been replaced by trendy melamine plates for being more supple and durable. You might not feel like throwing away the most beautiful bone china plates. You can utilize these by painting them in attractive colours to create beautiful wall pieces. Using asymmetric pattern is another good way to reuse them.

Make beautiful Chandeliers using old Umbrella

chandeliers old umbrella

Old umbrellas can be used beautifully to create unique chandeliers. Strip down the umbrella to the metal frame. Apply white or black paint and drape with beautiful lights for an eccentric chandelier.

Use Old Tins for Storage

tins for storage

Oxidized old tins can be used as superb storage pieces or an eccentric centrepiece or unique tabletop bins. The process involves removing the rust using sandpaper followed by the application of paint. You can use any colour according to your choice. Provide a border at the bottom using decorative pebbles, fine grain sand, or some ersatz pearls. You can even create an attractive tabletop garden with an old cake tin.
Yet another appealing way to use old tins is creating attractive hanging planters from these.

Old Drawers as Mini Book Shelf

old drawer

You can repaint the old drawers to create a chic stand for books, novels, or CDs. Another good option is to use spare wood planks as bookshelves for the purpose.

Doorknob paperweight

door knob

You can create outstanding and unique paperweights using old latches and doorknobs. All that is required to be done is applying a coat of fresh paint and make them funky or trendy as you like.

Patchwork blankets

knitted patchwork blanket

This is one of the best ways to add a cosy and homey look to your decor. You can weave together anything vitiating old tees, school uniforms, and old designer shawls. The unique piece of arras thus created exceeds all fancy home furnishings because of the personalized touch added by you.

Black and white snap as memories

black and white snap

Black and white pictures, with a sepia tone, from old days are the best to relive the simpler times. Moreover, they are equally beautiful in a unique manner. You can use these pictures or snaps in combination with DIY photo frames designed at home. You can also involve the kids in the project and ask them to paint these frames in attractive fun colours to rejuvenate old memories.

Wicker stools and chairs as bin

magazine bin using an old wicker barstool

It’s not that you can get a wicker magazine or a newspaper holder only at expensive furnishing stores. You can make your own personalized newspaper or magazine bin using an old wicker barstool. All you have to do is to cut one side to open it and paint to create unique pieces.

Create flower vases out of milk bottles

flower vases from milk bottles

Old milk bottles can be painted with varied colours of opaque glass paints to create beautiful flower vases. These are simply perfect for rooms featuring white or light colour scheme.

Old cups as centrepieces:You are bored of your coffee mug, but don’t want to throw it. No problem! You can use it to create an attractive centrepiece for your living room. Paint it with attractive colours of your choice and fill with sand and contrasting pebbles. For old shallow chalices, you can decorate and use these with floating candles and flowers.

So, get to work and redecorate your home in your own style and that too in a cost effective way.