How To Extend The Life of Your Household Appliances

Irrespective of where you live or what type of profession you are in, using certain household appliances become necessary. Some of these products are not much costly while some others may burn a hole in your pocket. It is advisable that you perform the needful to ensure the appliances keep running for a long time. It is true that no appliance, whether it is a refrigerator or microwave, will last forever, but regular care, cleanup and maintenance goes a long way in prolonging longevity.

Below listed are a few useful tips that you can follow to ensure longevity of various household appliances.

Regular cleanup

Simple as it may sound, a lot of home appliances start malfunctioning or offer reduced efficiency just because owners do not bother about cleaning them regularly. At times, this can also lead to the risk of accidents. A lot of household fire takes place in the USA because the lint accumulation in cloth dryer exceeds safety limits. Unclean air conditioners and air ducts may increase chances of respiratory ailments in the family. Air conditioners with clogged ducts eventually consume more electricity as well. So, make sure you clean the appliances weekly or at least monthly. This is applicable for all types of appliances.


Using compatible and company recommended products

This is very important if you want your home appliances to run smoothly and last for a long time. While cleaning appliances like microwave or refrigerator, it is advisable that you stick to company recommended products and cleaning solutions. Using harsh detergents or cleaning fluids with strong chemicals may ruin the appliance surface and affect performance.

Using appliances in the recommended way

There are some users who end up shortening lifespan of home appliances simply because they are unaware of basic usage methods or overlook them for sake of convenience. For example, appliances that generate a lot of heat should be positioned a little away from the wall. You should ensure a heater or microwave is placed in a way so that the hot air generated inside can get adequate outlet. Refrigerators should not be placed near sources of heat in the kitchen or rooms. Some washing machines come with eco wash cycles that save electricity and water. You should use that option whenever possible as it puts less strain on the device too.

Using suitable accessories and wiring

It is absolutely important that you use suitable accessories with your appliances and ensure proper wiring is used. For using high voltage appliances, the wiring needs to be just right. Otherwise power surges and fluctuations can affect the lifespan of your precious appliances. Not using suitable and recommended accessory can also result in your appliance warranty becoming void.

Replacing worn out parts periodically

Even if you treat your home appliances with care it is only natural that certain parts in them will become worn out over time owing to wear and tear. This can include gasket in refrigerators, filters in vacuum cleaners, etc. Using worn out parts in appliances can affect performance and shorten their lifespan.

Keeping tab on kids and pets

This is another aspect many homeowners ignore and end up reducing the lifespan of various appliances. Kids may often keep refrigerator doors open for the sake of fun, especially if you are absent minded. This can put a strain on the device for sure. Some appliances including washing machines have a child lock feature embedded. To be on the safe side, activate the child lock when you use the appliance and kids are around. This will ensure the toddlers cannot stop the cycle or change settings in undesired ways.