How To Freeze Food In Plastic Containers

Using a refrigerator is the best option for storing and preserving foods, cooked or raw, for some days. From vegetables to cooked meals and ready to serve snacks, nearly every food and beverage can be stored in refrigerator, as it is. However, it is important that you select the right type of containers for storing foods in the freezer. You can pick a wide range of containers, with varying sizes and shapes for this purpose. The material of such containers can be various as well.

Importance of choosing the right material for storing foods in refrigerator

It is important that you pick the right type of container for storing foods in the refrigerator. Without their right type of storage container, the food will not retain their flavor. The flavor of various foods spreading all over inside the fridge or mixing with one another is not an ideal thing!

Freeze Food In Plastic Containers

You can pick containers made of glass, metal or plastic for storing foods in the refrigerator. These containers come in various types. For example, you can find simple storage boxes, storage with partitions inside, tall or rectangular boxes. There are oval or circular storage boxes too.

Advantage of plastic storage containers for freezing foods

Using plastic based storage containers for storing foods in the fridge can be advantageous for you. In general, plastic containers do not crack or break into pieces when they accidentally fall on the floor, which can be the case with glass based containers. They do not get uncomfortably cold outside like metal containers either. Usually, plastic storage containers are less costly than both glass and metal containers.

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Tips for choosing a plastic food storage container

While choosing plastic food containers for your refrigerator, keep the following points in mind.

  • Choose quality plastic containers over run of the mill cheap types. This will ensure the containers will not develop cracks when stored inside the deep freezer or the fridge for a few days. It would be the best if you use food grade plastic.
  • You can choose from plastic containers that are solid or those with see through lids and body.
  • Choose containers that have tight lids. This will make sure the flavors of cooked or raw food do not mix with other foods inside the fridge. You can also find containers that come with vacuum locking mechanism.
  • Use plastic containers that are adequate in size. This comes in handy when you store liquids inside the refrigerator.
  • Along with plastic containers, you can also buy a few vacuum freezer bags. These bags are very good for storing raw vegetables or meat.

Proper way to store foods in the fridge using plastic containers

  • At first, you need to wash the plastic container with soapy water and rinse with clean water.
  • Them, dry it with a clean cloth.
  • You can put food or pour soups or liquid into the container. Close the lid tightly.
  • It is recommended that you do not put hot food inside the containers and put them inside the refrigerator. Allow the cooked food to reach room temperature before you store it in the fridge.
  • After using a container to store foods in the refrigerator, you should wash it in warm water and soap to eradicate odor of food properly.

Get facts clear on safety of plastic containers

There is widespread misconception about the safety of storing foods in plastic containers for refrigeration. While BPA containing plastic containers may be hazardous to health, there can be a risk when you reheat foods in microwave. Using BPA free plastic is safe for refrigeration, as per latest study findings.