How To Get Rid of a Leaky Faucet

Have your water bills been leaving you in shock for the last few months? Is there no way you can figure out the reason behind the high water bills that you are getting? Just do a check of your faucets at home. There is high probability that you would spot a leaking faucet in your house. It may be in your washroom or your kitchen. Finding out the leaking faucet will give you the answer as to why have you been receiving such high water bills. But relax, now that you have found it out you can get rid of the leaky faucet and bring down your water bills again.

Take the following steps as soon as you detect a leaky faucet:

Turn of the water supply to that faucet by turning off the shut-off valve, which is normally located beneath it.

Open the leaky faucet and allow the water in the pipe to drain out.

Next open the decorative cap, under which the faucet handles are hidden. Take off the screw from the faucet.

In the similar way, take out all the other attachments of the faucet.

Identifying your faucet type and fixing it:

Washer-type faucet: If you have a faucet which has two outlets for cold water and hot water each, then it is a washer-type faucet. These types of faucets have an internal shut off valve that prevents leaks.

In order to repair the leak, pad the pliers with electrical tape to protect the decorative finish. Remove the nut to expose the stem. Turn it to the ‘on’ direction, and if you cannot do so, you need to get a new stem. Clean off the faucet off the chips. While doing so, however, you must not use harsh abrasive. Examine the stem for any leakage. If you find one, replace the stem, else it is probably the washer which is causing it and needs to be replaced. You may also check the o-rings for leaks. After you have found out the leakage, and mended it, assemble the parts and make your faucet work again.

Ball or disc type washer-less faucet: Single handles faucets are mostly washer-less. Instead they have a disc, ball or cartridge.

Check the discs for leaks, by pulling it out holding with a padded pliers. There you would find an o-ring, which needs to be tightened. Also try to do the disc handle tightly to stop leakage. If it does not work, it is time you buy a new disc for the faucet.

For ball-types faucet: Handle leaks of these faucets can be done by twisting the collar hard. A lot of these faucets also leaks at the spigot where there is a rubber seat. Pull it out and replace it with a new one if it has worn out.