How To Get Rid of an Old Mattress

Sometimes one of the fondest childhood memories that people have is jumping on the parent’s or grandparent’s bed. The familiar creek of this bed’s springs may still be noticed years later.

The sad truth is that all that jumping around eventually wears out that familiar mattress. At some point you will have to part with it and buy a new one. In the mean time you are probably looking for a way to get rid of the mattress you have.

Why Get Rid of it?

There are a number of reasons why you would want to get rid of a mattress. The most common of these reasons being that the mattress is worn out. Another reason for the chance is that the mattress may be moth-eaten or otherwise ruined by bedbugs.

Another reason you might get rid of the mattress is because it may be stained with urine beyond what is salvageable. In the worst-case scenario maybe the entire bed is worn but it could just be that you want an updated bedroom set.

Whatever the case may be, chances are you are looking for a new mattress and need to get rid of the one you have. Perhaps you need some instructions on how to deal with this situation.

The following is a list of helpful methods of getting rid of your old mattress:

  1. Bring it to a recycling center. There are many advantages of doing so. The one being that you can help save the world while reusing the mattress materials. However, you should note that not all materials are accepted. In order to find out which ones are you should talk to someone at your local recycling center.
  2. Sell the items. You would be surprised at how well some of your old items would sell All you need to do is put it on a free classified ad site such as Craiglist or list it on an online auction site.
  3. Donate it. One way you can get rid of your old mattress is to just simply donate it to charity. Otherwise you can give it away to a person who a friend or family member who needs it or you can give it to a homeless shelter.
  4. Reuse the materials. For instance you can take any good foam left in it and make pillows out of it. You could also sell the coils of the mattress to a metal salvage yard or you can use the mattress covers for another reason.

Additional Removal Option

You may be able to in some locations burn the materials of mattresses and box springs. However keep in mind that this can cause a terrible odor to be emitted into the air if the mattress was very dirty and had been infiltrated with urine stains.

You should be especially careful when deciding to burn foam materials. These emit the most toxins. However the wood and cloth materials are not as toxic so they could be easier burned. In any case burning should really be a last resort.