How To Get Rid of Ants in Your Kitchen

Ants are the most numerous insects on earth. It is estimated that there are about 1 quadrillion ants in the world. That is roughly 150,000 ants for every human. But because they are so tiny we do not feel either threatened or overwhelmed by them. Most ants live in the wild and cause not trouble. But there are some ants that like to live near humans because of easy availability of food. These ants enter our homes in search of food and may sometimes shift their entire colony into the cracks and crevices in our homes in search of shelter. They will then become a nuisance by invading our kitchen, dining table and food jars. Fortunately, they are not impossible to get rid of and here are some of the ways:

Baby powder: Surprising, but it works. Sprinkle some baby powder on the infested areas and the ants will vanish into thin air the same way they appeared.

Cayenne pepper: Draw a line using cayenne pepper. This acts as a boundary line as ants generally do not cross the line.

Cinnamon: For some reason, ants do not like cinnamon. Place one at the site of infestation and ants will abandon the area immediately.

Bay leaves: Ants follow one another using smell and the aroma of the bay leaves has a disorientating effect on them, so place a few along their trail to disorient them.

Vinegar: Squirt vinegar in areas of ant infestation and let it dry. Ants will not dare come near the area as long as the odor the vinegar remains.

Black pepper: Sprinkle black pepper powder in areas infested by ants. They will immediately scatter and abandon the area and will not return as long as the smell of the peppers lingers in the area. Black pepper is an effective repellent for all kinds of insects.

White chalk: Draw a line with a while chalk around the infested area and the ants will not cross the line.

Peppermint oil: Ants do not like the smell of peppermint. Take a spray bottle, fill it with water and add 10 to 15 drops of peppermint spirit, better known as peppermint essential oil. Shake the bottle well to mix properly and spray the mixture in areas of infestation. Ants will abandon the place immediately and will not come back as long as the smell of peppermint lingers.

Cloves: Put cloves in the infected areas and the ants will quickly vanish into thin air.

Red Chili powder: Make a paste of red chili powder by mixing it with water. Find the entry and exit points of ants and apply the paste at the exact spot. Ants will stop using the route because red chili is a very effective insect repellent.

Borax: Add some borax to a solution of water and sugar. Sprinkle the solution along the ant trail. This is a lethal poison for ants and the ones that eat the solution die immediately.