How To Get Rid of Barking Dogs

A dog will bark as a means of wanting to play with someone, to ask for things or to warn a person of someone who is intruding upon an area. However, there are some cases where a dog can excessively bark. You should consider a few things in want to keep dogs from barking at an excessive rate.

Control Ideas

It will help to first verbally ask your dog to stop barking. A sharp order to tell a dog to stop it will help in many cases. You might have to repeat this a few times in order to get the point across. A dog should be able to understand the harsh tones that you are placing on it.

Sometimes it helps to add a new noise into an area. For example, you could take an empty soda can and put some coins in it and shake the can around. This could help you to surprise the dog and get it to stop barking.

A water spray bottle can also be used. A spray can be a gentle and calm way to control your dog. This should be used only if your dog is not easy to control. Remember to be gentle with the spray. Many dogs do not necessarily enjoy being sprayed.

It will be important to avoid hitting your dog. A small tap on your dog with a rolled paper might be good enough. This should be enough to get the dog’s attention without being abused. You could even give your dog a treat after the dog becomes quiet. This can be done as a means of encouraging the dog to keep quiet later on.

A good chew toy can also help. A chew toy can relieve a dog’s stress. This will help to keep the dog from having too much of a need to bark.

Contacting Others

You might want to get others to help you out in some cases. For example, you might want to get people to help you out with figuring out what the problem with your dog is. A dog should have a good reason for why it is barking so much. Also, you could talk with your neighbor if the dog that is causing the problem is not on your property.

A dog trainer may also help. It will cost money to get a dog trainer to work for you. The services of a trainer can still be very valuable. A trainer will teach your dog how to handle different commands that relate to barking. This is to ensure that the dog will not bark in an uncontrollable manner.

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