How To Get Rid of Bathtub Mildew

Molds grow in warm, airless and damp conditions the most and thus bathrooms are the best breeding grounds for these funguses. Not only, do the look ugly but they also have a foul smell and can be hazardous to you and your family’s health. While tiles and grouts in between the tiles are common areas for mold growth, if you have a bathtub then it only adds to the problem.


Vinegar is one of the best agents to get rid of mildew in bathtub and in other areas of the bathroom. Not only is it most effective with the molds, it also does not release harmful fumes like other cleaning agents like ammonia and bleach. Spray vinegar in the bathtub using a spray bottle but make sure that the vinegar is undiluted to maintain its efficacy. Spray on the effected areas and leave it for about an hour until it is dry. Once the bathtub is dry, clean it with hot water and detergent. Another suggested way can be by filling the bathtub with hot water and put about one cup of white vinegar into it. Leave it over night and next morning let the water drain out. Clean it with a brush or a scrub to remove the excess vinegar.

bathtub mold


Ammonia is another very effective agent against mold growth. However, giving your bathtub an ammonia treatment may require you to take some precautions. Firstly, do not mix ammonia with bleach as it reacts with beach negatively and releases very harmful fumes. Secondly, after giving your bathtub an ammonia treatment, you must leave the bathroom open and do not stay near the area as the fume has an unpleasant smell and can be harmful especially if you are asthmatic. Lastly, ensure that you only use clear ammonia and not cloudy or sudsy ammonia. For the treatment, use a spray bottle to spray the ammonia on the effected area. Now use a brush or a scrub to clean the infected area and leave the bathroom open. If you have an exhaust fan then you can switch it on for a few hours or alternatively leave the shaft window ajar so that the unpleasant smell and fumes can vent out. Once the smell has gone, you can now wash it with hot water and wipe it dry.

Baking Soda And Borax

Baking soda and borax when used individually can also be a good agent to get rid of mildew growth. Make a solution by mixing one cup of borax in one gallon of hot water. Now use a scrub, brush and/or a sponge to clean the infected area with the solution. You can also add baking soda to this solution but if you do so make sure that, you do not add any other chemical or detergent as it can react negatively. Once you have dried the surface clean, you can clean the bathtub with white vinegar.


Bleach can be effective too as it is acidic and kills the mold fast. Make a solution by mixing one part of bleach to two parts of water and transfer it into a spray bottle. Spray on the effected areas and let it dry. Once the place is dry, spray the solution again and use a brush to rub the infected areas. Make sure that you wash your bathroom after this with water enough and no trace of bleach is left behind.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This should be a last resort as this may have an adverse effect on the bathtub and the tiles. You can do a spot test on the unnoticed area in your bathroom to see if the tile or bathtub is getting faded because of the powerful solution. Spray hydrogen peroxide and leave it for about an hour before scrubbing the mold-infected areas using a brush. Let the bathroom dry by leaving it open for few hours and if possibly switch on your vent fan. Hydrogen peroxide becomes ineffective if exposed to sunlight so make sure that you use a dark colored spray bottle if you want to retain its efficacy.

Shower Curtains

Shower curtains may be a strong reason if molds are growing repeatedly in your bathroom even after continuous cleaning. Wash your shower curtains regularly to remove the molds from the curtain. If you want to wash the curtains in the washing machine, wash them with hard surfaced towels and add ¼ cup of white vinegar to the detergent. The hard surface of the towel will rub against the towel and will be more effective in scrubbing away the molds.

If you are cleaning the bathroom and the bathtub yourself make sure that you wear the necessary protection gear like plastic gloves and masks especially if you are using hazardous materials like ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and bleach.