How To Get Rid of Car Condensation

Condensation on wind-shields and headlights can make it difficult for you to drive, as the droplets make the view hazy in front of you. The reason why water droplets condense on the glass surface is due to inconsistency of the temperature of the inside and outside of the car. When your air conditioner or heater makes the temperature of your car to vary a lot with that of outside, you get the problem of condensation on your windshields, windows, and headlights.

Here are certain ways by which you can get rid of car condensation.

Dealing with the wind-shield:

To maintain a consistency in the temperature in your car try toggling the thermostat of your air conditioner or heater. Do not settle for a temperature that is too different than the temperature outside. Try keeping a temperature which is closest to the temperature outside. You would know you have the correct temperature when you see the droplets on your windshield fading away slowly.

You can buy any of the dehumidifying solutions from the stores that sell car accessories. Apply them on your wind-shield. You can also leave the vent of the air conditioner open. Next thing you can try to get rid of the condensation on your wind-shield is to park in a suitable place. An enclosed area is the best to park your car in order to avoid the problem of condensation.

Dealing with Headlight condensation:

If you thought what problem headlight condensation could cause, think again. When you drive through an area which is poorly lit, you will face the music of ignoring headlight condensation. To keep your headlights off moisture try the same dehumidifying solutions you picked up for your wind-shields. Apply a generous amount on your headlights to keep the droplets off them and keep your light from going deem in the dark.

The moment you notice any cracks or breaks, take the initiative to repair it as soon as you can. Any cracks or breaks on the headlights make it easy for the moistures to go in them and cause the light to go deem, and makes it difficult for you to drive. Do not ignore the loose casing of the headlights. Seal them well, to prevent any amount of moisture to get through them.

Besides all these tricks, always keep a rag in your car. When nothing works, and the situation demands, rub off the moisture from your wind-shield with the rag manually.