How To Get Rid of Cardboard Boxes

As useful as cardboard boxes are, they can take up quite a bit of space. Getting rid of cardboard boxes often is a necessity after a hug move. Therefore, some tips are provided to help you dispose of or store these containers.

Cardboard Box Usage

The reason why cardboard boxes are used to store things is because they are cheap. People can find them practically for free because they come with almost anything.

For instance, you get one whenever you buy an appliance. You might even get one when you go grocery shopping. Where ever you get them from they eventually accumulate to the point where you have to do something about it.

Storage of Boxes

Cardboard boxes are very easy to store. In fact, they are quite a bit easier to move and store than wooden boxes or plastic bins.

All you have to do is rip the packing tape off the bottom of the box. You also may need to pull up or pull out the bottom flaps before you can fold them to flatten them.
Other boxes may be foldable after you tear down one side of it, depending how the box is constructed. Whatever you need to do to fold the box as flat as possible is very helpful. Again, the fact that cardboard boxes can be easily stored when not in use is quite an attractive feature to many people.

Cardboard Box Disposal

If you do not want your cardboard boxes you can find a way to get rid of them. Some methods of removal may even help you make some money.

The most profit can be made selling your cardboard boxes outright. You can especially make quite a bit of money if you have a bulk supply and people need them in a hurry. Of course, if you do not need the money you can always donate the boxes to friends, family, or charity.

Some money may also be paid out when you bring your boxes to a recycling center. Many popular chain stores such as Wal-Mart or any local grocery store might take them. Landfills also have recycling facilities.

However, you could find alternate uses for your boxes instead of disposing of them. One popular use for cardboard boxes is to use them to make a puppet playhouse. They also might serve as a useful bed or home for a small puppy provided the puppy does not chew too much.

Sometimes old and ripped up cardboard also make a great fire starter. It burns better than regular wood but it also burns slower than thin pieces of paper or dried pine leaves.

Closing Thoughts

Cardboard boxes are quite useful. However, your decision to keep them, store them, throw them out, or give them away is up to you.

The suggestion is that you at least carry in your home a couple of sizes of boxes for future use. However, if you do not have very much space you can always use the storage tips as described above.