How To Get Rid of Carpet Dents

Furniture re-arrangement can leave dents on your favorite carpet, and yes, that looks bad and it does not work when you comb the area with your fingers. There are other ways however, which works really well to clear up the dents. Here are a few:

The Ice Cube Method

The right amount of water can actually help your carpet look like its normal self. When carpets absorb a certain amount of water, their dents disappear easily. You can easily do this by using a method which is called the ice cube procedure:

  • Step 1: Change the position of your furniture, and then check where the dents are. Identify the dents on your carpet and then count them out. Assign one ice cube per dent.
  • Step 2: Simply put one ice cube in each dent, and do not overdo it. However, remember, really large or long dents need more ice cubes. You don’t want to turn your carpet soggy and mushy, so limit the number of cubes. Once your carpet absorbs the ice water, if you need more then you can put in more ice cubes to fluff up the dent.
  • Step 3: Let the cubes melt and you would see your carpet fluff up slightly. Let it rest overnight.
  • Step 4: See how things are after at least 24 hours. chances are, there will be small puddles formed, thanks to the multitude of ice cubes, but you can blot that out with paper towels, or a piece of absorbent cloth. Do not use anything which can stain your carpet.
  • Step 5: If you see the recovery is not complete, do not despair. Use a fork and lift the carpeting fibers to gently relive them.

Carpet Dents

More Tips for the Ice Cube Method:

This is actually a very easy way, though it might sound really weird. You can actually make it more effective with a few additional steps, and remembering a few things you should not be doing:

  • Melt the ice cube naturally, and do not attempt to use any heat source to it, or blow dry it. That is not the right way to go.
  • If the water is minimal, let it dry naturally and do not attempt to blot it out.
  • Be gentle with the fork and use it to softly scrape up the fibers to a position which can be called upright, and use it to blend in the fibers. That works too.
  • Do one dent at first. A lot of flooring are not prone to keeping water on top for long, so it may damage the surface.
  • If the dents still prevail, use a spray bottle of water.
  • Do not use them on delicate, antique or dyed rugs, as they may tear.

Other Ways to Get Rid of Carpet Dents

There are a few other methods to get rid of the dents.

• Iron it
• Use your foot to rub the dent out.
• Try the pasta server to brush up the dents.
• Turn the carpet over.
• Use a blow-dryer if you are not doing the ice cube method.