How to Get Rid of Egg Shells

Egg shells can be hard to get rid of if they fall into the sink and travel down your pipes. It might take some amount of work to learn how to either dispose of the egg shells properly.

Either that or it might take you a small amount of effort to find an alternative use for the egg shells. The introduction will show you how you can properly dispose of the egg shells so they do not get stuck in your pipes.

Disposal Suggestions

Breaking up your egg shells in a garbage disposal is one option. You could also just throw them in a compost pile, since they are biodegradable.

Whatever you do, make sure you do not put them down your pipes unless you do have a garbage disposal. Otherwise, they will not be ground small enough and they can clog your drain.

Usage Suggestions

Sometimes you do not have to get rid of your egg shells by throwing them away. Instead, you could find another use for them that would allow you to put less waste in the landfills.

Here are some ideas for making good use of your egg shells:

  • You can use them as a tea stain remover. All you need to do is crush some egg shells and put them in a tea-stained damp pot or thermal mug. Let this solution sit overnight and then add water.

Use them in your garden. You could just add them to your regular compost pile. Otherwise, you can take just the egg shells and scatter them among your garden flowers. It is the sharp edges of the shell pieces that keeps critters and bugs away from your plants.

  • Use as a drain cleaner. If you crush up egg shells fine enough (almost like powder) you can pour them down your drain. These egg shell pieces will help loose hair or grease buildup from the pipes.
  • Make candle holders or flower pots. For instance, maybe you can dip candle wax into them. They actually in face make beautiful candles if you can shape the edges quite nicely. You could also use them to make a flower pot for a seed just planted.
  • Use as a base for flower arrangements. Since egg shells are quite small you may want to try using small groups of wildflowers in them. Try perhaps some baby’s breath with either violets or daisies cut very short, for instance. You could also find some tiny imitation flowers at a craft shop.

Additional Suggestions

Just be creative! You can even try making scenery with them for train sets or other living room or basement decoration projects.

It might be fun to make holiday crafts with the eggshells, as they can be used to create snow effects, or even snowmen. They may also make great animal decorations, such as bunnies or cats.

You can even make ornaments out of them if you carefully drain the egg yolk out of them. Various instruction manuals for such a project can be found online. They look create on Christmas or Easter trees.