How to Get Rid of Junk

Junk is often one of those things that you often cannot escape wasting. However, while you take time to get rid of junk it helps to have a system.

One of the most common ways to eliminate the presence of items in your home no longer needed is to make two piles. These two piles usually are the “keep pile” and “toss pile” categories.

Of course, you could get two large or boxes to use for this purpose. You may in fact need more than box one of each for keeping or throwing away.

After you have sorted your belongings into “keep” and “toss” piles you should then get rid of your junk using one or more of the following suggestions:

  • Sell your stuff online. It may not be literally “junk” but rather just items you no longer need. This is often true of old furniture or old books you no longer want. You can even sometimes sell items for which you would never expect to receive money. For instance, a broken television or collection of pots and pans or set of oven mitts could make a profit for you.
  • Donate items you no longer want/need. Your favorite charity may own a thrift store to which you can bring unwanted items. The Salvation Army, St. Vincent De Paul, and Goodwill are all examples of thrift stores where you can bring items. You could also bring clothing and household items to smaller consignment shops where you would make a percentage of the profit.
  •  Organize a neighborhood rummage sale. This is not only fun but it will also build up the moral of your block. Everyone on your street can participate. It also could be fun to get family members or church groups involved. Sometimes neighborhood garage and yard sales are intended for use as a fundraiser.
  • Pay a service to haul your junk away. Sometimes it might be too much of a load for your local pick-up service. This is one reason why paying a special service to haul your junk away may be necessary. 1-800-GOT-JUNK is one service that is available, and there is TrashBusters and others.

Hazardous Substance Disposal

It can be dangerous to your family and the environment if you dispose of hazardous materials unsafely. There are different standards for disposing of items such as car batteries, cleaning chemicals, used oil, or electronics equipment. You should receive instruction from your local municipality concerning these as well as other hazardous materials.

The reason it helps to learn as much as possible about how to dispose of these harmful substances is to safe landfill space. It also lessens chance of water and ground contamination.

Your local environmental organizations might also have free info on how to properly get rid of certain substances. You might also want to find out where to safely throw old auto and bike tires, as rubber is one very useful commodity.

More Instructions

You may also want to find alternative uses for items you no longer use for the original purpose. For instance, an old single mattress or formerly-used baby or toddler bed mattress could be used as a dog or cat bed.

Plastic bags can be used not only as spare garbage bags but they also can be used in the creation of new craft projects. You would in fact be surprised at how many uses there are for plastic bags.