How to Get Rid of Old Appliances

Sometimes technology changes so fast it is hard to keep up. This rule is no different for people seeking to get cell phones, TVs, computers, and other gadgets. The main objective here is to make room for the new.

Making room for the new appliances by getting rid of the old ones can be done in many ways. Further explanation is provided in the next section.

Selling your Old Appliances

If your old appliances are in good working order you can probably sell them for a reasonable price. Other people who cannot afford to buy the used items you have for sale at the rates offered for new appliances will appreciate this and even consider it a charity.

You can either post ads online, or you can spread the word by mouth. You might also be able to make way placing an ad in a traditional newspaper.

You could also become involved in exchanges. This means that you would give away an appliance you own in exchange for another you may need.

Donating your Appliances
If you are not in need of the extra cash you could earn selling your appliances you can give them away to charity. In doing so you can help people out who are far less fortunate as you, such as people who are in some way disadvantaged physically or mentally.

The money that is made from these donations may support various training, education, and career services for people with disabilities. You could also become a part of a gifting network of which you can make new friends by giving away appliances to private individuals in need.

Alternative Ideas

If you cannot get rid of your appliances you may be able to find a way to still make them useful. If possible, you can repair it yourself or have it repaired.

In fact, the older your machines are the better chance you have of preserving them because in the old days things were built to last. It may not always be practical to repair versus replace an appliance but the larger ones such as refrigerators or stoves may still be repairable.

You could also bring the appliance to a place where it would be recycled. The easiest way to do this is to bring it to a store or manufacturer that will accept or recycle an older unit. You could find out this information before you even buy it.

In the United States, the EPA could also tell you where you can bring old appliances. A list of participating vendors is also found online.

You could also contact your local city hall. Here is where you may gain information about where to bring larger appliances such as refrigerators or stoves that are made from 75% steel.

Important safety notes: Another option for recycling is to make sure that all parts that are not recyclable be removed from refrigerators and air conditioners. For instance, the refrigerants that have CFCs in them should be removed. This removal process is probably best done by a professional.