How To Get Rid of Old Carpet

Nothing looks more haggard or unkempt as an old carpet and short of giving it away to the waste dump, there are virtually no other way of letting them go. They are difficult to clean, hard to maintain and looks bad against your house. So you might want to consider other options. Have you ever thought of recycling them? That can be a great solution to your problem. Here are a few ways of getting rid of your old carpet.

Selling Your Old Carpet

You can sell off your old carpet to someone who cannot afford it. You would be surprised to see how many people can come ahead to buy your carpet from you. You would be surprise at the results.

Market Your Old Carpet around Your Community

You can definitely try selling your carpet to someone you know. You can fix up a rate, and talk it over with the person concerned and get your old carpet off your hand. There are plenty of people who need a carpet, and you can help someone who really requires it.

Sell on the Internet

One of the best places to sell off your old thing is on the net. You can open your account at eBay, which is a secure way of selling, or go to the net to find out other options like Craig’s list, which is a smart online forum. You can also check out Myspace or other social networking sites where you can enlist the product you want to sell.

Have Your Carpet Recycled

You can take your carpet to a recycling facility where there can be a lot of options to recycle it into new things, and that way you would know that your carpet has been put to good use. You would be able to give it up for a good cause.

Restore Your Old Carpet

Have you thought of dying your old carpet? You might give this a try.


  1. Clean the carpet with shampoo and water properly, till it is clean.
  2. Rinse off any excess shampoo.
  3. Taking small sections of the carpet and put the dye, work it in.
  4. In time you would see that the entire carpet is covered.
  5. Check for evenness.
  6. Settle the dye in.
  7. Once done, your carpet is as good as new.

Use Your Carpet for Other Applications

There are plenty of uses for your carpet around the house, if you think you are through with it gracing your floors.


Have you thought of using carpets as insulation materials? They can cover your pipes easily, and you can use them to cover small or large spaces, from attics to dog houses. You would be able to save yourself a bundle in insulation cost just by using a carpet’s hairy surface.

Book Cover

In place of a leather or plastic book cover, you can cut out sections of your carpet and make fantastic book covers with them. They look and feel so luscious, that you would not regret your decision at all.

Scratching Post

You can use the carpet as a scratching post for your little tabby who can now scratch away to glory.

With all these ideas, you can now get rid of your carpet easily.