How To Get Rid of Old Magazines

Old magazines that are out of date can easily take up space in your home. It is true that you could recycle your old magazines when you do not need them. There are also some unique things that you can do with your old magazines after they outlive their usefulness.

It might help to consider donating your magazines to a local school or charity. Many groups can handle these magazines for archival or educational purposes. You might even get cash rewards from some organizations.

Arts and Crafts Ideas

There are many ideas that you can use when handling your magazines. Collages of images and words can be created out of old magazines. You can create unique designs and messages out of old things in magazines. Sometimes these designs can be incredibly detailed and easy to show off in an art exhibit.

You can also create a glass or drink coaster. This is especially if the paper in a magazine is thick and durable. You can take the paper and cover it over a plastic or cardboard item. You can then paint the paper with a unique design.

Old magazines can be used as gift wrap too. You can glue or tape multiple pages together and paint over them with all sorts of designs.

You can also create paper mache out of your old magazines. You can do this by preparing old pages with water, salt, flour and glue. The paper can then be cut into strips and affixed over a sturdy material. You can use paper mache strips in a variety of designs and with many paint options in mind. A great point about this idea is that magazine pages for paper mache are more durable than newspaper pages.

Paper Curtains are Unique

You can even create your own paper curtains off of old magazine pages. You can do this when you take multiple pages out of magazines and cut them in columns. The columns can then be cut diagonally. This will help you to create triangles.

These triangles will then need to be folded over needles in order to create cones. The needles can be removed with the cones have been successfully formed. A fishing line or other strong string material can then be used to link multiple cones together. All of the sets that you create should be stuck onto a wood plank. Be sure to also consider painting your cones so they will also look their best.