How To Get Rid of Sour Sponge Smell

Just after a few days of buying your dish sponge, you get a strange smell from it. There are, however, quite a few ways to get rid of the sour smell from your dish sponge. Before going into that details would let us know why the sponges smell like that.

Causes for the dish sponges to smell: As the sponges are used to clean the dishes every day, food particles get trapped in the pores of the sponges. After a few days of buying it and using it, the food particles start decomposing, which in the process gives out a pungent smell. Some bacteria in those decomposed particles are so strong that they stay alive even after the use of dish detergent. Bacteria like E. Coli, Campylobacter etc. can thrive on your dish sponge and cause food poisoning.

Ways to maintain your dish sponge daily:

Remove the food particles that are attached to the sponge after you are done with scrubbing off your utensils with it. Try spray wash your sponges. Turn on your tap and press it with your left thumb. This will cause the water to gush out in a flow. Hold the sponge at that flow and the particles would wash off.

Squeeze out a few drops of bleach on the sponge. Squeeze the sponge and wash it off with running water again. Then, spring out the excess water possible from it.

Store the dish sponge in a dry container, in which it can give out the excess water. The main cause of bacteria is moist condition. You can also try keeping it in a place where the sponge gets direct sunlight.

While buying germ-resistant sponges can help you to some extent here are a few tips to make your sponge smell nice:

  • Soak your dish sponge in some white vinegar for about an hour. Then take it out and drain it off and let it dry. The acid present in the vinegar will kill the bacteria and leave your sponge smelling fresh.
  • Use more than one dish sponge. Having two to three sponges to use alternatively can allow more time for them to dry.
  • Try to wash your dish sponge in a solution of lemon juice. Lemon juice can retain the freshness of the sponges to some extent.
  • Soaking your dish sponges in a mixture of baking soda should also show you some difference.