How To Get Rid of Speaker Distortion

Distortion is a series of speaker sounds that are soft and rough. These can keep sounds from sounding their best. It can be caused by speaker cones that are not well maintained. These cones are used to handle bass and treble effects. The cones can break from the stress that loud noises can produce.

Distortion can also be caused by other things. It can be caused by using the speakers at high volumes for too long, physically damaging a speaker or getting a large amount of power towards the speakers.

There are a few things that can be done with distortion in mind. These can help you to keep your speakers working properly. You can even control distortion without having to replace your speakers if you use these ideas.

Consider the Setup

Your speaker setup should be reviewed. You should control the equalizer on your speakers to create clearer sounds. This includes reviewing the treble and bass controls on your speakers.

You should also see what the volume controls on your speakers are. You might need to increase the volume on some speakers while turning down the volume on others.

An amp or woofer can also be used. These can help you to enhance sounds without creating too much power on individual speakers. You can also get your sounds to sound as full as possible. This is a useful thing to see when controlling the sounds that come out of your speakers.

Don’t forget to review the wattage levels that your speakers are working with. You should control the wattage with regards to how much energy your speakers are getting. Remember, using too much wattage can cause your speakers to become damaged and therefore cause distortion

Repair Points

There are some repairs that can also be done. You might need to piece broken speaker cones back together. A repair service can help you to tape your cones up to where distortion can be reduced without sacrificing a good amount of quality on your speakers.

All cones in your speakers should also be refitted. A cone that is aligned poorly could cause distortion. This could be caused by excessive vibrations. You should remove the cone from a speaker and then place it back into its slot in order to fix this problem. Your speakers will not produce a large amount of distortion if you keep them repaired and fitted with the best possible setup in mind.