How To Get Rid of Textbooks

Why do you use textbooks? To read up things in class, and follow the lectures the teachers give. But what happens when you no longer need your textbooks after the term is over? If you are not willing to store your textbooks and keep these reading materials a long time past their usage, then you can get a way to be rid of them, and it is really simple to do so. Instead of gathering dust on your shelf, they would be used for a good cause.

Textbook Donations

Donating your textbooks is the best way to go. This way, you know that your texts would be re-used and not kept and stored. Donation is one of the most benefiting ways to dispose off your books. A lot of people and organizations would be making a tidy help from your school or college books, and they would be given to those who needs them, not to mention be recycled to paper or paper-based products.

Online Donations

On the internet a number of websites are there which accept used textbooks. These books are either put on sale, or they are donated to institutes who need the books but cannot afford to pay. These sites also have a way for you to buy back your books, if they aren’t sold off and you need them back. You can also see that they might take your books for some money, so this is a great way of generating income.


Follow the procedure prescribed by the site and you are well on your way to donating books.

Donate to Colleges

A lot of colleges love getting books, because they lack the necessary funding and needs their textbooks. Giving a set of good books would actually help run classes and students get good education. That is indeed a noble cause to donate to. so you should go ahead, select an institution, check if they accept donated books, and then take your books to them, or ask them to pick them up. Who knows, your books might help them learn.

Donate to a Recycling Facility

Donate the books to a recycling facility, and you would be doing your environment a big help by reducing, reusing and recycling.

What you do is bundle them up and put them in a bag marked “recycling paper”, and you are good to go.

Sell Your Textbooks

Well, make money out of the books. Hold a garage sale and sell your books. Also, contact a school or library and sell your books right away. You can also sell them online at e-bay.

Trade Your Textbooks

Trade your textbooks for a set of new ones. All you have to do is find a book lover who wants your books, and has books in exchange. You can also log onto a social networking site and find out who needs your books.

Create Paper Crafts

To use your textbooks as materials for paper craft is a good idea. Make pretty origami crabs, swans and fishes by folding colorful papers from your textbooks.

Textbooks for Benefits

You can do a lot of different things with your textbooks once you realize their worth.