How to Get Rid of Used Cooking Oil

Cooking oil is one of the most common substances used today. It is used for many fried foods but it also can be used in pasta and salads.

Today people use more plant oils than they do animal fats. However even these healthier oils such as olive oil palm oil canola oil or sesame oil has their issues. One major problem is that cooking oils have a tendency to chance when exposed to too much heat or light.

They also could become rancid if not stored properly. If they are exposed to the air they also could chance composition in some way. In any case often an unpleasant smell or undesirable taste indicates that the oil is no longer of good value.

Of course you should make sure you store your oil properly so you do not have to get rid of it. However at some point you may need to dispose of it in some way if it is no longer useable.

Cooking Oil Disposal Issues

Disposing of cooking oil sometimes is not an easy task. You are not advised to just dump it down the drain. Otherwise you could clog your pipes.

The main reason why is oil and water do not mix and thus the oil does not easily dissolve when going down your sink plumbing. Furthermore dumping oil down the drain contaminates water supplies.

How to Get Rid of Used Cooking Oil

You should really use the right oil disposal procedure: Usually this requires that you put it in a sealed plastic container or other non-recyclable container and then put it in your regular garbage.

You can also ‘get rid of your oil’ using other creative means:

  • Use the oil as a fuel. Many vegetable oils have fuel properties similar to diesel. Therefore, it can be used for quite a few purposes. Some newly-designed automobiles can even run on cooking oil, and certain types of vegetable oil can be used as a heating fuel.
  • Reuse the oil. This is a substance that can be used over and over again. However, if you do want to use it over and over again you should use it on food that does not have a terrible aftertaste. For best results you should use the same oil for the same foods (i.e. used french fry oil for future batches of fried potatoes).
  • Sell your used cooking oil. You can use your cooking oil to make a profit by selling it to people who need it for fuel. This is especially helpful in the event you cannot take the time to modify your home in order to use it for fuel yourself.
  • Send the oil to a recycling center. Sometimes local centers will accept vegetable oil donations. You should consult your local municipality or state office to see what cooking oil facilities are available where you live.

Recycling used cooking oil

This substance should not be mixed with other materials such as water or petroleum. It should be straight oil only. Otherwise, it probably is not pure enough. You could also research and call various recycling centers directly to ask them about taking various kinds of cooking oils.