How To Get Rid Of Water Spots On Windows

There are two different kinds of water. You would know what we mean if you go back to your chemistry lessons back in school. One is known as hard water and the other type is called soft water. Hard water is rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium, metal cations. When hard water gets sprinkled on glass, it can form water spots, which are not easy to remove. These spots can cause permanent ugly spots if they are not cleared instantly. These odd looking water spots are common in bathroom door and kitchen doors and window glass panes.

Here are some tips:

Get rid of these water spots on smaller areas:

Toothpaste: It may sound a bit weird but just try it to see wonders. Just squeeze out some paste and rub it on a piece of paper towel. Sprinkle some water on it, and start rubbing it gently on the spots. Rub till the spot goes or reduces visibly. Next wash the glass thoroughly. Take up a wipe stick and remove the water that still remains on the surface.

Detergent and steel wool: Make the surface wet with water. Take some detergent and rub it with a steel wool. Steel wool leaves the glass with no scratches but polishes the surface. Rubbing with circular motions on the spots will let the spots vanish. After they are gone, splash water and clean it off.

Get rid of these water spots on larger areas:

Water and white vinegar: Make a mixture of water and pure white vinegar in the ration of 1:1. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and get some old newspapers. Spray the mixture on the spots and rub it firmly but gently with the newspapers. You will soon see the shine on your window panes.

Baking soda: Baking soda is known to be a great cleaning agent. Mix some amount of baking soda in some water and put the solution in a spray bottle. Repeat the same procedure as vinegar water solution.

Lemon juice: Make a solution of water and lemon juice. Take some on a soft kitchen towel and rub it on the spots to see effects.

Apart from all these, to get rid of water spots from your windows and slabs, you can buy commercial window cleaners. You can get them at most departmental stores and they are easy to use. The directions for use are written at the back.