How To Get Rid of Wax on Carpet

Getting wax out of carpet can be just as much of a challenge as is getting rid of gum. Learning a few helpful hints can make this process easier in the future.

The removal steps you see may not be the only answer. However, this is a simple guide to get you started that works most of the time.

Hard Wax Removal Steps

Once wax on a carpet dries it turns into a solid mass and gets stuck to the carpet. At this stage, it is time to remove the wax and this requires some amount of effort.

When attempting to remove the wax you should follow these tips:

    1. Get rid of the hard wax. It may not all come off but you should remove as much of it as possible.
    2. When you remove the wax from your carpet you should never use a sharp-bladed instrument. Otherwise, you could damage the carpet fibers.
    3. Usually your hands or object with a dull blade (i.e. plastic putty knife versus a metal putty knife) would help.
    4. If necessary, break up the wax in as fine of pieces as possible and then scrape it from the floor.Vacuum the loose bits of loose wax carefully, removing as much of it as possible.
    5. Find a clean, dry cloth or paper towel and place it over the wax.
    6. Take an iron set to “warm” and place it over the cloth.
    7. Run the warm iron over the cloth pressing gently.
    8. Lift the cloth, and note if the wax has come up with the cloth or not.

Again, this method just introduced above is not necessarily the only way to get rid of wax on carpet. An alternate solution is described briefly in the next section.

More than one way of removing wax on carpet is provided just to make sure you have options. You can try the methods above first and if it does not work that well you can try another method. The alternative method describe below may work better for larger wax removal jobs.

Alternate Stain Removal Guide

A commercial spray or spot carpet stain remover may work very well for removing wax from your carpet. In order to blot out the stain you should follow the instructions on the can in order to make sure the stain is removed as thoroughly as possible.

If this carpet stain remover does not work well then you might want to instead try one of the oxygenated cleaners. The manufacturer of this product may provide for you directions to make a paste out of the product so that it can be applied to the stain. Make sure you follow the product instructions very carefully in order to achieve best results.

Prevention Advice

Scotchgard is one substance that can stick to your carpet fibers. It will not cause the wax to stick to your carpet fibers and it will save you from future hassles. Just follow the instructions carefully when using this so your carpet is not too slippery to walk on.