How To Get Rid of White Heat Stains on Wood

Everyone wants to find a way to make their houses look as perfect as possible. This in fact is feat that is just as important to some people as landing an important promotion or having a baby.

White heat stains is one common problem in homes today. This is in fact one of the curses of having white furniture in your home, as stylish as it is.

Further Explanation

The white heat stains you see on wood finish surfaces is actually moisture deposits that appears between the wood finish and wood itself. It actually is the appearance of an air bubble and therefore is hard to remove by wiping or brushing.

Heat stains usually occur when you put a very hot pan on the top of your furniture. This problem could also occur as a result of placing corn on the cob or freshly baked pizza on certain furniture surfaces.

Removal Options

Several white heat stain removal options are available. The method of dirt elimination that works for you may vary, and these treatments work on stains that have been around for many years.

Three popular white heat stain options used today include the following:

1. Use a steam iron and white cotton cloth. Your iron should be on a low or medium setting when you do this. You give time for your iron to heat up. While doing so you can fold the white cloth in half and place it over the stain.

Then when the iron is hot enough, press the iron back and forth over the cloth using an even and consistent motion. The movements and strokes you make should be similar to as if you were ironing clothes.

After you run the iron over your clothes, you should tap the steam release. This will force steam out over the back of the cloth over the stain.

The stains should be gone after this, but that may not always be the case. This method works best for heat stains made by pots or hot food that has sat for less than 30 seconds.

2. Find a way to cover the stain. This of course would be an option if you cannot remove the stain using the method described above. You could paint over the stain with a color that matches the wood, and then maybe you can varnish over that.

Another cover option would be to have the area covered by a cloth. You could in fact find some very nice doilies or tablecloths that could fit nicely over the top of irreparable heat stains.

3. Have it repaired by a professional. This is a very beneficial way to have heat stains corrected if you have more money than time. You can also save yourself from damaging your furniture when you let a professional take care of it.

You should fare well if you hire a professional that is experienced in dealing with the kind of furniture restoration you need. Oftentimes an antique restorer can be of assistance and so can a woodworking professional. Just make sure the reputation of the person within the community is positive.