How To Get Rid of Window Drafts

Chilly drafts can arrive any time and the whole house feels cold as hell then. Window drafts can make you feel like an icicle all over, and it also affects the electric bill of the house. If you just plain think it is enough with the electricity, then solve it your way by doing a few things.

Close It

Easiest thing to do is to just close the window and do not open it in the winter season. Properly latch the window and set the bolts and closures in place, and lock them. If your windows do not have any major problem, this can solve it with ease. If your window latch is not working proper, or the window does not close easily, then make some more improvement, and adjust necessary hinges and latches. Replace old latches with new, and you would see how easy it is to keep yourself warm.

Caulk the Window Exteriors

Caulking of the window can become fragile and easily breakable over time. All you need to do is find a way to stop it from getting damaged. Do check for little bits of the caulking missing and making little holes that let in the cold air. Your window caulking can be a problem to you. Get rid of this by making sure you can take care of this problem.

  1. Remove any grime or dust, scrape away and remove any chips or dirt.
  2. Use a utility knife to get your caulking tube. Cut it by 1/4th inch and slide it in the gun.
  3. A bead of caulk should be run between the siding and the frame of the window, with at least 1/8th inch.
  4. An ice cream stick is to be used to smooth the applied caulk, and removing excess material.
  5. Keep the caulk to allow it to dry for a couple of days before painting it, if you like.

Before the cold appears, do the needful to avoid any rush.

Use Your Drapes the Right Way

Thinking about window drafts? Well, thick drafts which are of good quality can actually stop your windows from developing drafts, and you should be sealing the drapes totally, to stop air from entering. Hang your drapes, and then seal them either against the window frame, or the floor. Weigh them down with some kind of chain or weight, and use cord or metal sticks to clamp them tightly. Velcro works well, too. Remember to buy quality because cheap drapes would never be able to produce the same results.

Opt For Window Insulation Coverings

If you are thinking of paying up good money to insulate, go for good quality insulation covering, which can actually cover and remove the cold. You can choose from different kinds like insulated curtains, window shades, and insulated shades.

Some Tips:

  • Also insulate your doors to stop drafts.
  • Use some kind of material to wipe off caulking, and do not use your hands.
  • Clean and wash windows to keep them well-maintained.