How To Get Rid of Window Rock Chips

For a safe trip back home, your car window needs to have a clear view of the road ahead. This is needed for the driver and passengers. You should have a clean window and window shields, and they should be clean and without dust, grime and debris of rock. Rock chips can actually cause major damage to your window panes, so here are a few simple steps to get rid of them. This guide will provide a clear way to get rid of your window rock chips.

How Windshields and Windows Get Chipped

Generally, the effect of dirt, dust, and grime, not to mention debris and other objects do not do very significant damage, apart from really invisible scratches which are shallow. Often, larger pebbles and rocks, as well as occasional dust storm totally can decimate your car windows. You can see how easily laminations can be affected, and your car window can get totally ruined. Also, the structural integrity of your window can be damaged, and get prone to damage in the long run.

Quick-Fix Solutions

If your window gets chipped, no need to immediately go to a repair shop and get it replaced. You can actually do a few things that can help sort things out until you are well and ready to repair:

  • Leave the window alone. Generally, car windows are plastic laminated. When one part of that gets broken, the multi layered structure of the lamination protects the layers of glass underneath.
  • Clear adhesive tape. When you are facing a problem of chipping which is serious, then you can correct it with some tape which is transparent and adhesive to repair this. Use a wide, strong roll of adhesive over the width of the box packing tapes to keep the fragments of the glass from flying around.

Repairing Chipped Windows

When you are thinking of repairing or replacing your window and windshield, remember it can be a bit expensive. Complete replacement is sometimes difficult, and repairing them is actually easy.


To replace or repair chipped windows, you need these tools:

  • Some kind of hand-held motorized tool
  • Any good repair kit for window
  • Any cleaning tools


These are the steps to repair:

  1. On a level surface, park your car.
  2. Repair the damaged area.
  3. The debris lodged will have to be cleaned out and motorized.
  4. Then use the stickers on the inside of the crack, and remember that it should cover most of the range of the chipped window.
  5. Pump in the resin to the cracks, keeping the flow even and avoid air bubbles. The resin would come in touch with the cracked inside surface.
  6. Use another appliqué to cover the resin.
  7. Do not touch it for at least 4-5 hours or until it sets.
  8. Check if the resin has stuck after a while.

If the windshield or window is completely shattered, you would have to replace the panel. But if your case is not that problematic then it can be repaired in this way. Remember, a cracked panel is also unsafe, so be careful while replacing.