How To Kill a Fly

Flies are such survivors that they exist everywhere on earth. With multiple eyes, sharp senses and fast wings, they may be among the fastest and smartest insects. They are attracted by the smell of food, rotting food materials and human and animal excreta. They are not only irritating; they are also a source of diseases such as cholera. Once your home is infested by a swarm of flies, it is almost impossible to get rid of them. The settle on your body, on the table, on food, on drinks and almost everywhere you can think of. Worse still, they can lay eggs which can hatch into creepy and disgusting looking maggots in no time at all. Here are some effective ways to kill a fly.

Using your hands: If you have dexterous hands, you can easily catch a fly or two with just a swipe or two. You can also use your palms to flatten them on the surface they are sitting. However, from a hygienic point of view, this is not a method you should use often as you may be infected with the germs that the flies are carrying.

Using your magazine: If you like insect-hunting, then this is both effective and fun. Roll up your newspaper or magazine and use it to swat the flies. If you miss the first time, try it again and again. This is a time-tested method to kill flies that is both efficient and enjoyable. But the problems are the surface with be splattered with the flies’ body parts and blood that you will have to wash off with water and detergents afterwards.

Using a fly swatter: Here is a proper weapon that looks more professional and is more effective than a rolled up magazine or newspaper. You will also get more fun out of it as you won’t have to keep rolling it up or do anything like that. If you want a more high-tech equipment, there you can buy electric flyswatters that electrocute the pesky little creatures the moment they come into contact. As with the above, flyswatters leave a mess on the surface that you will have to clean up later.

Burn them: Flies like sweet and foul smelling food, garbage and rotten food. Pile these up in your backyard and set it on fire. Many of them get caught in the blaze and die, others will get caught in the smoke and suffocate to death. Most will probably fly away, but that at least gets rid of them for some time.

Using insecticides: When the fly infestation is overwhelming, the only option will be to use insecticides. You can use either sprays or grains laced with poison. Very effective against flies and other insects, they are not harmful to humans and pets. Afterwards, you’ll have to remove the dead flies from the floor using either a vacuum cleaner or a broom.