How To Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive

Which is the one spot in your pristine and perfect home that actually looks ‘lived in’? If you’re a domestic goddess, the answer to that one will most definitely be the kitchen! Your kitchen is used the most on a daily basis and hence, there will be some wear and tear. Renovating or doing up your kitchen can become a long drawn out and expensive process. But, fear not.

Here’s a List of 10 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look absolutely Fabulous On a Budget.

1) Swap Your Old Faucet For A New One– Today, many companies are producing modern faucets with a clean and classic look. They are available in so many different configurations, shapes and finishes. You need a faucet that will reflect the mood of your kitchen. For example, if you want a modern modular kitchen with a minimalistic look, opt for a plain utilitarian look and lots of black and white. However, for a more kitschy look, scour antique shops and thrift stores for a brass faucet and you could even install brightly patterned tiles in your kitchen.


2) Use Unusual Decorative Elements- Make your kitchen really stand out with a few well placed accent pieces. You could frame a few of your favourite clicks and put them up in the kitchen to give it a more homely look. If you travel a lot and have collected interesting mementos, put up a shelf and proudly display them.

3) Lighting Is Key- Lighting is basically like the jewellery you adorn to make a plain outfit look special. Opt for an unusual looking lighting fixture to give it a more personalised look.

4) Go Green– Bringing a little greenery into your home is a guaranteed way to brighten up the atmosphere and give it a more lived in feel. Plant a few herbs like rosemary and thyme in small pots and line them on your windowsill. They will also add delicious flavour to your dishes.

5) Make Use of Different Hardware– Using different types of hardware in your kitchen can spice up the overall look and can be an interesting décor twist. Scour antique shops for a few interesting knobs and install them on your kitchen cabinets and drawers.

6) Use a Rug- If you lay down a rug in your kitchen area, it will instantly make the room a few degrees warmer and will ensure that your feet stay warm as you cook. Use a rug, meant for the outdoors because it will have to survive a few spills and outdoor rugs are meant to withstand a little rough use.

7) Pick Comfortable Yet Stylish Counter Stools- Place a few well-designed counter stools around your kitchen island to add some of your personality to the room. If, however, you don’t have a kitchen island or a space big enough for a bar area, just varnish an old wooden table and place it in the corner with a two chairs. It makes a for a lovely area to take a break while cooking or a cosy little breakfast nook.

8) Hang Art On Your Kitchen Walls- Art does not always have to be the pricey kind. Anything that is beautiful, eye catching and instantly captures your attention can be called ‘art’. Buy paintings from a local art show or frame a few quirky prints that you love looking at and watch as they instantly add a bit of colour and life to your kitchen.

9) Paint Your Walls a Lighter Colour– Using a lighter colour on the walls of your kitchen can instantly brighten up a small space and can even make it appear larger and more luxurious.

10) Keep Your Kitchen Free of Clutter- Put small, everyday appliances like the coffee percolator, juicer, toaster etc away and out of sight. Try building a small cabinet to store all these things in, where they will not add to the kitchen clutter. This will automatically free up the otherwise cluttered space and give your kitchen a more ‘Zen look’.

Follow these simple tips and tricks and you will turn your kitchen into a place that everybody absolutely adores. Remember to always infuse it with warmth and personality and your house will be a beautiful home!