How To Make Your Kitchen Look New Again

People tend to think less about adorning the kitchen compared to what they think about sprucing up or revamping bedroom or the living room of the house. This is true across all social strata. However, the truth is you spend a significant amount of time everyday in the kitchen. Is not it necessary that you give your drab looking kitchen a nice makeover! Revamping the kitchen is not a tedious job if you think out of the box and can be a little experimental in your approach. It is not necessary to hire an interior designer. It does not always involve a huge cost either.

10 Top Ways to Give Your Existing Kitchen a Spicy and Interesting Makeover:


1. Get new metal accessories and storage options

You may think of replacing old and crumbling storage cabinets in your kitchen with sparkling metal counterparts. You may buy a steel or brushed metal storage cabinet for storing various utensils. With a little effort, you can even find colored metal storage cabinets for your kitchen.

2. Change the flooring

Sometimes, just changing the kitchen floor with a new material can give the place a new look. You may opt for vinyl or laminate flooring if budget is an issue. However, tile or stone floors are more durable and require little maintenance in the long run. You may also find ceramic tile with texture and design that resembles hardwood.

3. Get new and smarter appliances

You may not have noticed much the energy bill has shot up in recent years. If you analyze closely, you will find the kitchen appliances are guzzling excess energy. You can think of getting a more energy efficient refrigerator and dishwasher. This helps in saving energy consumption. Even small things like modern kitchen faucets help reduce water wastage. Exchanging old and drab looking appliances with new ones also give a refreshing look to the kitchen. You may even think of getting a new generation of solar energy driven appliances for your kitchen. As it is, you will be able to get some discount, by exchanging your existing appliance while bringing home the new one.

4. Paint creatively

Using a fresh coat of paint is possibly the quickest and easiest way to give your existing kitchen a nice makeover. You may just paint one side of the wall with a dark color to create a dramatic effect. You may even think of giving the cupboards and storage cabinets a coat of paint.

5. Use lights in new ways

Lighting in your kitchen

Based on size and shape of your kitchen changing the lights or installing additional lights can be the best option for a makeover. You may think of installing a light with soft focus at the middle of the kitchen on top. Nowadays, you can find LED lamps with varying intensity. Install separate lights for the counter tops and sink area.

6. Widen the kitchen or shrink it

Based on availability of free space around the kitchen and your usage needs, increasing or reducing the kitchen size can be ideal for a suitable makeover. A large kitchen can be segregated into cooking and storage areas by setting up a partition made of ply or fiberglass. Sometimes, it may not be necessary to erect an entire wall. By using wooden or ply partitions with half of the floe length, you can create islands in the kitchen that can be used for preparing foods for cooking or keeping smaller appliances. You may also choose to have a new window to let in more sunlight and natural air in the kitchen.

7. Use wood 

Using wooden storage cabinets and accessories in the kitchen can give the place warm ambiance. You can even keep one or two wooden chairs or stool in the kitchen provided the usability is not jeopardized. However, keeping them clean will also be a necessity.

9. Use shrub and flower

You may be a little creative and use specific shrub or flower in the kitchen to serve twin purposes- keep pests away and give the place a new look! You may keep a pot with small herb or plant that does not grow much and has little enticing flowers. It makes you feel as if a dash of nature has come into your kitchen.

10. Reorganize storage

It is possible to change the look of the kitchen simply by changing the way you store food and utensils. This can be done in a number of ways, as it is. For example, you can get rid of so many storage containers for keeping spices and snack type foods. Use a big basket to keep several small containers in it. This will make the kitchen look neat and you will be able to organize and find things easily. You may also start storing small utensils in metal based wall hanging racks. This not only gives the kitchen a new look, but also free up floor space. You can clean the kitchen floor easily as well. Some people also use, versatile and flexible storage stands with multiple branches which can be used to keep small bottles and containers in a structure resembling trees.

Summing it up

There are literally myriads of ways to give your old kitchen a nice look. There are various options and you may actually opt for more than one. Along with a budget, you also need to think about usability while doing the revamp.