How To Prepare a Home For Painting

Fresh paint has the potential to give your house a brand new appearance. However, the preparation required can be extremely cumbersome. There are several minute aspects that require careful consideration. No matter how tedious, such chores have to be conducted to ensure durability of paint and impart an incredible look to your abode.

Steps to Perfection

Essential measures need to be taken towards preparing the interiors and the exteriors of your home. The following steps can assist in making your house paint last longer.

Prepare a Home For Painting


  • It is absolutely cardinal to paint on a clean surface. Therefore, cleansing becomes the first requisite of preparation towards painting. While the exteriors can be cleaned with a pressure washer, a scrubbing brush would be ideal for the interiors of your home.
  • An efficient detergent is a must to ensure proper cleaning. In this respect, you could opt for trisodium phosphate. This product furnishes exemplary results and is also safe for usage
  • Mildew may require special treatment. The easiest method towards its removal involves cleaning with a mixture of a bleaching powder and water in the ratio of 1:3 respectively. Whatever may be the technique, ensure that the prospective painting area is devoid of signs of peeling and flaking.
  • There may be areas that remain inaccessible to the washer. Scrape the intricate areas personally with a wire brush. You could avoid scraping the wooden areas. It is possible to redo paint on such surfaces after sanding.
  • The curves or corners can be worked with sandpaper. The coarse texture of sandpaper ensures a speedy removal of previous paint. Further, the roughness rendered to the surface facilitates enhanced primer application and binding.
  • Old surfaces frequently show signs of repair. The market is flooded with compounds excelling in surface repair. Camouflage such flaws before commencing with painting. Remember to put sand once the repair work is completed.
  • Traces of old caulk must be dealt with and replaced by new caulk. Care must be specifically taken in this regard towards door trims and window sills.
  • Renovation with regards to windows is also necessary before painting. Putty must be redone and dried well much before the onset of painting work.
  • Ensure that there is a gap between the wood surfaces and the concrete domain. Employ a saw towards attaining this measure.
  • A primer may become a significant requisite in areas repair.
  • Plants are highly sensitive to paints. Therefore, ensure their survival by covering with drop cloths.


  • As in the case of the external surroundings of the house, the interior walls also require cleansing, repair and scraping.
  • Furniture is an immensely expensive item that calls for protection. In case you are not well equipped with the know-how, take assistance from professionals.
  • Lights and other easily removable items must be taken off the walls for safety. For permanent fixtures, masking may be the best alternative.
  • The step of sanding is mandatory towards a final attractive appeal. Ensure that this stage of preparation is not overlooked.
  • Switching plates off the walls is another important step towards preparation of painting.

Precautionary Measures

  • Protect your eyes well before using the pressure washer.
  • Before 1978, paints were formulated with toxic lead. This chemical can be highly dangerous to your health. Therefore, it would be wise to interact with the professionals from the Environmental Protection Agency. The officials of the local health department could also be useful in this respect.
  • A pressure washer could have an adverse effect on your belongings. Use the pressure washer with prudence and care as high stream potency could shatter windows and damage wooden areas.
  • Usage of ladders to gain access to high areas can lead to sudden falls and accidents. Ensure your safety during such steps of cleaning.

Little things in life can make all the difference. Your house is one of your most prized possessions. Taking these preparation measures will ensure a longer life of your paint and provide an excellent finishing to the house.