How To Properly Store Nuts and Seeds

So you have realized that nuts are good for health. Great! That’s a good first step. Now here’s something you also need to know: there is a need to store the nuts and seeds properly as they are prone to becoming inedible if not taken care of. Nuts and seeds are often dry and are expensive too. Taking good care of them will mean that you can keep them edible for a long period of time. However, if you have brought large quantities of them, more than you can use in the timely manner, you are putting them at the risk of rotting. Here are some ways to increase the longevity of the nuts and seeds.

Nuts And Seeds Are Prone To Absorbing Moisture

Nuts and seeds are dry and hence they are prone to absorbing more moisture than the other items. After absorbing moisture they become swollen and do not remain usable. They may also rot quicker when exposed to moisture. This is the reason why they need to be stored in such a way that they are not exposed to moisture. Even if the humidity level is low in the area where you live, they may still absorb whatever is there. When you leave the dry fruits in the open air they become a little swollen after some time. The best way to keep them from the moisture is by storing them in the air tight containers. Although plastic containers may serve the purpose, but glass containers are better. They are more airtight than their plastic counterparts. Whenever you need to take them out, make sure that you close the container properly after the use.

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They Need To Be Kept Away From The Odors

Nuts and seeds are quite susceptible to absorbing odor emanated from the other items. For instance, if you place garlic quite close to the uncovered nuts, they will borrow some foul odor from it. Nuts with the odor of other items will definitely not taste good. There are a lot of things that we prepare in the kitchen that generate odor. Even the aroma of some good food can be caught by the nuts and seeds. It is good to keep the nuts and seeds in the airtight containers but you also make sure that the containers do not permit any odor to pass through them. This is where the glass containers prove to be handier than the plastic ones. Although glass jars and containers are more expensive, they are still far better.

Heat Can Make The Nuts And Seeds Foul Too

The nuts need not only be prevented from the moisture and odor but also from the heat. There is a certain level of temperature up to which the nuts and seeds remain unharmed. However, the moment the temperature goes up and the heat increases, the nuts and seeds start to get rancid. Make sure that the jars and containers containing them are not kept close to the stove or any other fire source. They should be kept on the cabinets far from the heat. Too much of heat will damage them. Room temperature is the best for the nuts and seeds but they can withstand certain amount of cold too. But they are not good at holding up against the heat for a long time.

You Can Refrigerate Them Too

Most of the nuts and seeds can last for a few months without getting rancid if they are kept away from the moisture and are given the right level of temperature. However, if you want them to last longer, say for up to a year, then it is better that you refrigerate them. There is no amount of cold that can make the nuts and seeds inedible, unless they run out of their natural life span.

Exposure To Light Is Also A Problem

The nuts and seeds will last longer if they are kept away from the light. Keeping them in the dark place will ensure that they remain usable for a long time. While glass jars are good at keeping them from moisture and odor, they may not be as good for keeping them away from the light. Make sure that you buy tainted glass jars for nuts and seeds.