How To Put Away And Store Christmas Decorations

It is never early to think about putting away Christmas decorations in safe and organized manner to save the trouble of buying new ones the next year. It is possible to safely store lights, ornaments, decorations and even the artificial Christmas tree after.

Here are some simple ways that would go a long way in protecting and storing your Christmas decorations.

1. Store Decorations Together

It is best to store all decoration items in one storage box instead of scattering them all over in the house. The storage space can be anywhere in the house as it would be used only once in the entire year. However, it is best to store Christmas decorations in an accessible place, may be a storeroom or the garage. Use an old box and line it with some newspaper or used gift wrapping paper to prevent the decorations from getting damaged.
It is human tendency to add something new to the decoration every year. Thus, keep checking older decorations every year during the festive season and get rid of things you may not want to use in the future.

store christmas decorations

2. Separate Containers for Different Christmas Decorations

It is advisable to store like Christmas decorations in the same container. So, lights should be in one container, while the baubles in another. Though you may use any kind of container, it is best to store them in containers with lid. These containers should be stackable in order to save on storage space. Try and store these decoration items in a plastic container instead of the one made with cardboard.

3. Label Each Container

Labeling containers makes it easy to find what is stored in each one. For instance, label the box as “lights” in which you have stored lights or a box as “ornaments”.

4. Store Lights Neatly To Avoid Tangling

You don’t want to untangle your lights next year when you open box containing lights. It is one of the most frustrating and time-consuming tasks. You will feel like throwing away the old lights and buying new ones instead. Hence, roll up the lights and tie them properly with a rubber band. Tie up different strings of light separately to avoid knotting. It would take some additional fifteen minutes of your time, but would save you from a major headache next season.

5. Storing Christmas Ornaments Safely

Christmas ornaments are fragile and hence, it is best to keep them safe. It is important to store each ornament separately to avoid breakage due to jostling. You can wrap each ornament in old newspaper and bubble wrap and then put them together in a big box. This special care will protect them from any kind of damage.

6. Artificial Christmas Tree Storage

Artificial Christmas tree is a major concern when it comes to storage, as you don’t want to buy it every year. It is best to buy a container to store your Christmas tree, depending on its size. You may also buy Tree Storage Bag or a Rolling Container. Select a storage solution that can hold your tree upright since it will be heavy. Another way to store Christmas tree is to ensure that you keep its original packing intact. In fact, it is the cheapest, simplest and most fool-proof method to store your Christmas tree.

7. Storing the Wreath

Wreaths are generally very heavy to store. Moreover, they gather dust fairly quickly. Wreath storage is best done in a readymade container easily available in the market. Wrap the wreath carefully in paper and then store it in the container. This will prevent it from getting dusty.

8. Wrapping Paper Storage

Most of the people buy lots of wrapping sheets to wrap gifts that are presented to family and friends. Since these sheets are special, specifically manufactured for Christmas, you will not be able to use them for any other occasion. However, if you store them carefully, you can save on buying gift wrapping paper. Store the sheets in a closed container where moth and other pests can’t get to them and also the sheets will stay fresh and vibrant until the next Christmas.

9. Storing Silver with Care

By storing silver with care, you can save yourself the time-consuming task of polishing the silver next year! You can easily buy tarnish-proof pouches in the market in various sizes which can be used to store any silver ornament or cutlery. If you have enough containers to store your Christmas decorations and cutlery, just buy anti-tarnish strips that can be used to line in the storage container.

10. Organizing Storage

It is very important to organize various containers once everything is stored in their respective boxes. The small containers should be packed in one big tub and the heavier items should be placed at the bottom. The breakable items and small things should be kept on top. This would enable you to just open containers one by one and start laying them out, as you prepare for your next Christmas.