How To Reduce Endocrine Disruptors in Your Kitchen

To help you take better care of your health, experts suggest that you reduce the number of Endocrine Disruptors, or EDs, as much as you possibly can. What are EDs? They are chemicals that have the ability to lessen production of certain hormones in your body and increase the production of others at the same time. They can:

  • Perform hormone imitation
  • Run interference in hormone signaling
  • Have an adverse effect on your endocrine system
  • Stimulate the development of cancer
  • Trigger fertility, immunity, cognitive, developmental and metabolic problems
    In short, EDs can prevent the natural hormones in your body from being balanced.

How To Reduce Endocrine Disruptors in Your Kitchen

Top Ways to Reduce EDs in Your Kitchen

You will find numerous Endocrine Disruptors in everyday items that you do not give a second thought to. So, how can you decrease the EDs you have at home? Well, it is easier said than done but you can start by reducing those you have in your kitchen. Here are the best ways to reduce the Endocrine Disruptors you have in your kitchen:

  1. Make sure that you store food only in glass containers as more often than not, plastics contain two chemicals that are said to be EDs-phthalates (used as a plastic-softener) and bisphenol A (used in making some hard plastics and the epoxy lining of the tin cans you get when you buy canned foods).
  2. When heating foods in your microwave, make sure that you use ceramic containers or glassware that are microwave safe. Avoid plastics even if the label says it is safe to use for heating.
  3. Do not use plastic wrap coverings when you heat food in the microwave. This way, you make sure that EDs do not drip on to your food from the plastic wrap while heating
  4. It is best to use cast iron or stainless steel cookware. Swap your non-sticks ones for these and you can reduce Endocrine Disruptors in your kitchen.
  5. It is best to ditch your plastic glasses and use glasses made of glass instead. If you need to carry water or anything from home, use a water bottle made of stainless steel to make sure EDs are kept out of beverages. Kids are especially vulnerable to ED effects so keep plastic glasses and other kitchen items away from them as much as possible.
  6. Throw all your old plastic cutting boarders, strainers and other kitchen utensils that are flaking with EDs. Replace them with metal ones or get bamboo versions that are sustainable and easily available in stores everywhere.
  7. Nowadays, eco-friendly dishwashers are available, so you could opt for one of those for your kitchen. Never use too much detergent and make sure that the one you use is fragrance and phosphate-free.
  8. Keep away from anti-bacterials that are full of Endocrine Disruptors and opt for products that are green for washing hands and cleaning countertops, sinks, etc. You can also use ingredients in your kitchen to create your own ED-free soap using vinegar and lemon or castile soap.
  9. When you buy foods, go to the local or organic markets as often as you can. You can be sure that the foods you take home does not have as much herbicides and pesticides as those manufactured in the factory.
  10. Stay away from canned foods, unless “BPA-free” is clearly marked on the can. You should make sure that the cans do not have plastic lining that is ED-laden.
  11. Make sure that you remove all plastic packaging and cling-wraps from foods that you have just purchased before you store them in your fridge. Put them in ceramic or glass containers to prevent ED-leaching.
  12. Keep away from refined or processed foods. If you eat meat, make sure that you buy organic meat that is fresh and has not been pumped with hormones and antibiotics. Organic free-range poultry is best, although it can get pricey. You could always go for local poultry that is antibiotic and hormone-free.

Keep your family safe from Endocrine Disruptors by finding out what you need to remove from your kitchen and decrease the chances of them causing harm to you and your loved ones. With proper information, you can reduce EDs from your kitchen as well as the rest of your home.