How To Save Space In A Small Kitchen

Many people find themselves living in homes where space is at a premium and it can be very frustrating if you’re not well prepared in terms of storage. The kitchen is one of the worst places to find yourself short of space as kitchens necessitate the storage and easy access of such a lot of equipment. Many people have gadgets galore and these alone can take up a huge amount of space.

Looking at how to save space in a small kitchen should be a satisfying experience, as you begin to organise and change the set-up of your cooking areas you will see how easy it is to make the most of even the tiniest galley kitchen.

Where to begin saving space in the kitchen

The first thing to do if you’re looking at reorganising your kitchen is undoubtedly the task of de-junking. Most people have a large collection of crockery, pots, pans and cooking equipment which is only partly in use. Begin to change your situation by getting rid of anything that hasn’t been used in at least a year, those “fun” cake tins may have looked cute when you bought them but are you ever going to use them? Do you really need two toasters and three sets of crockery? Look at all of your equipment with a critical eye and if it’s not in regular use or if it’s ugly, get rid of it!

kitchen interior

Revaluate the storage in the kitchen

Look with fresh eyes at the storage available in your kitchen, how many of the drawers and cupboards are being used to their full potential? Do you really need a “Junk drawer” in the kitchen? Clear out the mess and the junk and take anything un-related to cooking or food storage out of the room…find a new home for your bills, spare computer leads and children’s craft equipment!

Line your drawers and cupboards with clean lining paper if they’re not in great condition…this provides a clean surface and will help keep your tools and other equipment in good condition.  If you have a large cupboard which is home to pots and pans, then think about freeing it up for other items by using a hanging rack for your pots instead. Keeping these large vessels overhead will not only look stylish but also keep everything in sight so there’s no more scrabbling about in the depths of the cupboard when you want a particular cooking pot!

Think outside the box

Look at storage which is not necessarily designed for the kitchen but which can be very handy…drawers on wheels for instance can be a good place to keep all kinds of incidentals such as tea towels and even cutlery!. A shelf or two in a “dead” corner is a good solution for storing your nicer pieces of china, you can add cup hooks to hang your everyday mugs and cups from. This is a good idea for those kitchens which don’t have space to add a dresser.

Maintaining your space

Remember that keeping things tidy is even more important in a small kitchen and if you are able, it is a good idea to designate certain areas as “zones” for different activities. One zone might be your food preparation zone and this should be close to the cooker and the fridge if possible, another zone might be your hot drinks zone, this is where you keep the kettle, tea, coffee and sugar. Organising things this way makes it far easier to keep the room neat and tidy and will also ensure that your space does not become cluttered.

Even small kitchens can run like clockwork when some thought has gone into keeping things organised, remember to throw out anything which is worn out, broken or no longer in use as maintenance is especially important when space is at a premium!