How To Use Extra or Overripe Fruits

We often shop for groceries for a week and as often as we shop, we overestimate the consumption of the fruits and vegetables. If you are one of those people who over buy and often are left with food that is overripe, we have an answer for you on how you can use those extra or overripe fruits and save money. It is noticed that many people do not like the taste of overripe fruits and end up throwing them away. It is a waste of food, money and valuable resources that go into the production of the fruits.

Here are a few and simple ways and how to use extra and overripe fruits and enjoy the taste.

overipe fruit

  1. Chalk Them Up: We all love a beautiful cake and more so, if it has some of our favourite flavours. Next time you are left at hand with extra or over ripe fruits, find a recipe and bake a cake for your fruits. There are many recipes that effectively use the entire flavour and taste of fruits like bananas, cherries, strawberries, peaches, etc. You can also make other bakery items like muffins, flavoured breads, scones or just make a fruit jam for quick consumption at home.
  2.  Make A Pie: Who does not love a good pie that is made with tender love and care and what is more fun is making one at home. This will put your overripe fruits to good use and at the same time, save the money you would end up spending at a bakery store. You can make a pie for fruits that are not so over ripe and gone too pulpy.
  3. Smoothies And Shakes: Smoothies and shakes are always a healthy and fulfilling way to use over ripe fruits that you have at your end. Use the fruits to make shakes, smoothies or just freeze them into curd and enjoy a good flavoured yoghurt recipe made at home. The smoothies are a good way to use the fruits and at the same time relish them in a healthy manner.
  4. Make A Pancake Sauce: Many of you would find the recipe online to use the fruits to make sauces with chunks of fruits to eat with pancakes. Instead of using fresh fruits, you can use the overripe or extra fruits you have at home for this purpose and eat a slurpy fruity and healthy breakfast with your family.
  5. Use It In Baby Food: if yours is a household with a baby, you can wash, clean and use the fruits by mashing them up nicely, adding a little extra sugar and make healthy baby food at home. It is also healthy nutrition for your child and at the same time, your child
  6. Use The Fruits To Make A Squash: If you are good with handling recipes and willing to experiment, you can use the fruits to make squash for consumption at home. While many of you would not like the idea of excessive cooking or processes, if you have a penchant for trying new things in the kitchen and learning, you can simply use the fruit to make squash with a little patience and skill. It can be stored in the kitchen and used over a long period of time.
  7. Add To Your Stock Preparations: If you are someone who cooks food at home very often, you can add fruits with mild flavour and less sweet to the stock you might be preparing at home for cooking. This is a good way to preserve and save the over ripe fruits and utilize them in a healthy manner.
  8. Add To Custards And Make Ice-Cream: If you are someone who loves sweets and has a sweet tooth, your fruits are not going to a waste at all. You can chop the fruit into really small pieces and add to your custard or alternately add it to your ice-cream mix and relish the flavours of two.

These are some simple and easy ways on how to use overripe and extra fruits at home and at the same time, enjoy some delectable home-made dishes and recipes at no extra expense, just a little bit of effort.