The Top DIY Home Improvement Projects That Won’t Break the Bank

Your home is your castle, the place you can be yourself and fully unwind. But, your needs and tastes change regularly and most people have a finite budget to deal with these issues. That’s why it’s important to undertake DIY home improvement projects that won’t break your bank.

Clad It!

It may seem unusual to start with the outside of your home but this is the first thing you and your visitors see. You will be surprised at how much difference it makes to the look and feel of your home by redoing the outside.

Although you can paint what you have, you’ll find it is better to use vinyl cladding. It’s affordable, lasts for a long time, and needs virtually no maintenance!

It also increases the insulation of your home, helping to reduce energy bills while protecting your walls. The fact that you can choose from an abundance of styles and colors is just a bonus!

Kitchen Cupboard Doors

Transforming the kitchen is a great way to invigorate the feel of your home. After all, the kitchen remains the heart of any home. But, ripping it all out is expensive. Instead of doing this consider replacing the worktops and the cupboard doors.

You can choose the color and style you want and make a huge difference to the space, on a minimal budget.


Having adequate light in each room is important. However, re-wiring a house is expensive, as is adding extra windows to create more light. However, there is an array of modern lighting options on the market that can transform the look and feel of any room.

The best part is they are reasonably priced and can usually use the existing wiring, making them a simple choice and an easy project.

Re-finish The Bathroom

The bathroom is another room that can be expensive to change. It can also be difficult to complete without professional help due to the ix of water and electrics.

However, you can keep the existing layout and appliances while still transforming the space. Simply have the bath refinished to restore its shine. Then replace the shower doors and the showerhead. In fact, a rain head looks great, gives a good shower, and uses less water!

If you wish you can replace the sink with a new unit, it will transform the look for minimal cost. Finish with a coat of paint and admire your handiwork.


It can be expensive to replace the floor, especially if you want to transform them into hardwood flooring. But, you’ll find there is a great range of laminated flooring options that can look just as good. They cost a fraction of the price and are easy to put down yourself.

The best part is you can change one room at a time, spreading the cost while transforming the look of the entire house.

Don’t forget to consider any outside space you use regularly. A coat of paint, new lighting, and chairs, or replacement cushions, can transform the area without you spending a fortune.