How To Get Rid of Diaper Smell

It is one thing to have a baby in the home but it’s a completely different story if you’re dealing with that bad diaper smell. The smell can be irritating and it doesn’t take much for it to go around the entire house. This is regardless of how often you change the diaper pail in your home.

That’s why you need to use a few considerations in order to get rid of that annoying smell in your house. If you use these ideas to clear out that diaper smell then you will find that you’ll have an easier time with taking care of the irritation that comes with it. These solutions work well regardless of whether you have cloth diapers for your child or disposable ones.


Use the Right Detergent

Sometimes this smell can get in the way of your linens. You can use a sensible detergent solution to take care of this smell in those linens. This can also work well if you have cloth diapers to wash:

  • Mix one cup of borax with a cup of washing soda.
  • Add a small bit of cleaning soap to go with it.
  • Use this in your washing machine when you take care of your linens.
  • Bleach may also be added in some cases. This may be used to kill off bacteria and to potentially remove a buildup of detergent materials in your linens if you are careful enough with it.

This can be effective and will not harm the colors or other items in your laundry or your baby’s diaper storage space.

Cold Rinse Helps

You should use cold rinses for all your washes. This is especially the case if you have cloth diapers for your child but it can also work for linens in your home. Cold soaking is useful to keep the odors in the diaper from being very prevalent. This could work well if you use the detergent mentioned in the last step.

Vinegar and Water Mix Well

Vinegar Wash

If you mix vinegar and water evenly in your home then you should be able to target the odors. This works well if the combination is sprayed directly onto surfaces that contain this odor and cause it to spread around your home. This should work well to prevent this odor from being worse in your home than it already is.

You should especially use this near a diaper pail. If you use it in the right spot then you’ll have an easier time with targeting the odors that your baby is dealing with.

Is the Baby a Problem?

Sometimes it’s the baby that is causing this smell to spread even if you are taking care of the surfaces that this odor is in. It’s especially important at this point to use a few strategies in order to take care of the odors that your baby is spreading:

  • You’ll need to give your baby a good washing with a sensible baby soap product. This can help to wash off old residues or materials that might cause that ugly smell to spread around the house.
  • If you have a no-rinse baby wash product then you should use it after each change you make. This can help to neutralize odors and keep your baby clean without irritating the skin. You could even use this in your diaper bag for when you are traveling places with your child.

Use New Disposal Strategies

You can also use new ideas for when you have to dispose of old diapers in your home. Use a trash can near an outside door or your garage door to get them out of the house. This is to prevent future odors from getting in the way.

This may work well provided that the item is outside of the house and is far away enough from an entry point. This must be used carefully so the odors from what you are disposing will not become any worse than what they might already be like.

These are all solutions that should provide you with a sense of control for taking care of that diaper smell. This smell does not have to be a problem no matter how many babies are in your home.