How To Keep Drawers Smelling Fresh

Who wouldn’t want a fresh smelling drawers for their clothes and how wonderful it would be to open your drawers and smell something fresh especially when you keep your personal stuff and your daily and party wear clothes and also some of our clothes are kept for months without using.

And it would be rather embarrassing to wear smelly clothes to office or party so if drawers are kept fresh our clothes in it smell fresh so it is important to keep the drawers clean and fresh smelling on daily basis

Too often, people find that their drawers leave their clothing smelling musty. Even worse, poorly-stored clothing can gather mold and moth-holes if stored in an inappropriate way. This is especially the case with seasonal clothing, like that cozy winter coat or that favorite summer dress, which are often worn for only a couple months each year and spend the rest of the time tucked away at the back of the drawer.


Reasons And Causes For Smelly Drawers:

  1. Keeping the drawers unclean
  2. Wooden drawers should be taken care very properly because it tends get infected by insects
  3. Avoid keeping edible items
  4. Never keep unwashed clothes
  5. Clothes you don’t wear very often – dresses or suits, for example – can get a bit musty sitting in the drawer for weeks on end, no matter how clean they were. And make sure each garment has room to breathe clothes packed together with no air or ventilation will get musty much quicker

Here Are The Few Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Drawers Smelling Fresh.

  1. Some people prefer to use scented sachets.
  2. Some use simple household trick with the things which are available in their house those are a kitchen knife, a soap with a great fragrance and a bowl, shave off the soap in thin pieces and put the soap shavings in the bowl and keep the bowl in one corner of your drawer, so when you open your drawer you get a fresh fragrance
  3. Putting a bowl of mint leaves also helps to keep the drawers smelling fresh
  4. Cleaning drawers on daily basis is also important to keep it fresh
  5. We can also use different types of oils which comes with different types of fragrance , just by adding few drops on cotton balls or on tissue , and then place the cotton or tissue in a one corner of the drawer
  6. The scented products will transfer the scent to your clothing and the air in your drawers creating a delightful atmosphere. If you are leaving certain items (such as woolen jumpers) in the drawer for a long time, it is worthwhile placing a small bag of lavender inside them to keep them smelling fresh throughout the year.
  7. Clean your drawers regularly because dust and other dirt particles can pass through your clothes and damage your fabrics leaving your clothes and drawers smelly and musty
  8. Baking soda too comes very handy as it helps to absorb the odor in the drawer. leave a container of baking soda in the closed drawers.
  9. Keeping sliced apples in a container too helps to keep the odor away and making drawer smell good.
  10. Keeping ground coffee overnight in the drawer too helps to keep the odor away and makes it smell fresh

List of Simple And Basic Items Available In Your House

No need of buying expensive and costly items
Using of basic items available in your house can also make your drawer smell fresh

  1. Mint leaves
  2. Scented Candles
  3. Soap or soap shavings
  4. Oils with different kind of fragrance
  5. Scented sachets
  6. Lemon peels
  7. Baking soda [helps to absorb odors]
  8. Fabric softener sheets
  9. Sliced apples

It is a great joy to open your drawer which smells fresh and pleasing because that’s where you keep your personal stuff and your favorite clothes and when you keep your drawers clean and fresh your clothes smell fresh.

So the above were few tips and tricks which might help you to keep your drawers smelling fresh. Now you are ready to store your clothing in your drawer safe in the knowledge that it will stay smelling fresh