How To Get Rid of an Old Garden Shed

Tired of looking at that dilapidated old wooden garden shed that has seen better days? If so be sure to read on to find out the easiest way to get rid of it in a safe and timely manner whilst still maintaining storage space within the garden.

The Problem with Wooden Garden Sheds

Whilst the addition of a shed to your garden will provide plenty of space to store all sorts of garden essentials, machinery and power tools, unless it is properly maintained it will start to deteriorate in condition leading to an unsightly appearance and poor performance. This is because traditionally, a shed tends to be constructed from thin timbers, cheap roofing felt and are only held together with the minimal amount of fixings. As such, over time the wind rain and sun will all take their tole, eventually resulting in leaks through the roof and a lob-sided appearance that looks like it could fall over at any moment. In fact a poorly maintained shed will seriously detract from the overall look of your garden which for the keen garden enthusiast can drive them mad.

Old Garden Shed

How to Dismantle the Shed

Once you have emptied the shed of its contents comes the fun part of demolishing it. Please bear in mind that although an old garden shed will more than likely be able to pushed over we do not recommend this method as it can result in injuries. Instead we would strongly urge you to take a methodical approach whereby you remove the roof first followed by the walls. When completing the demolition, be careful of any sharp edges, splinters or exposed nails that may be stood on. In addition to this, in order to being careful during demolition, we also recommend your wear safety goggles, thick gloves and sturdy boots.

Once the shed is fully dismantled you will now need to get rid of the timber by either taking it to the nearest recycling centre or burning it in the garden.

What Modern Alternative Storage Ideas are Available?

At one time the only real option for storing your garden essentials and valuables was a wooden shed. However, as outlined above, these have a major downside in how the start to look tatty and unsightly. As a result of this, many manufacturers now offer a range of garden storage solutions that are not only much more durable but also provide a much more aesthetically pleasing appearance. As such, outlined below are some of the most popular storage solutions homeowners are now using as an alternative to the traditional garden shed.

Plastic Storage Units – Perfect for outdoor use, the addition of a storage unit constructed from plastic requires no maintenance, will not rot and comes pre finished in a range of colour options. Manufactured to high standards, the tough polypropylene is both rigid and secure making it the perfect place to store garden accessories such as lawnmowers, tools and furniture. Available in a selection of sizes suitable for various garden sizes, the addition of this form of garden storage solution offers great value for money.

Metal Storage Units – If you are looking to provide high levels of security so you can have the peace of mind the any valuables left outdoors will be safe at all times then the most suitable option will be a metal storage unit. Constructed from high grade steel that is galvanised to prevent rusting, metal storage units are supplied in a self build kit and feature a hardwearing painted finish that will help it blend well with the natural surroundings of the garden and will be far more discreet than a large and unsightly traditional garden shed. In addition to this, whilst they may cost more to purchase than a timber shed the added lifespan you will get from the product will more than make up for this difference. In fact we think a metal store will last twice as long as a wooden shed.

Metal Sheds – If you are a fan of the traditional shed design but do not wish to replace with timber, one modern alternative material is metal. Gaining in popularity, a metal shed offers all the practicality in terms of storage and appearance combined with modern materials, manufacturing processes and paint finishes to ensure the structure provides a high strength yet low maintenance way of storing your belongings with ease.

In conclusion, if you are one of the thousands of homeowners up and down the country that have a dilapidated wooden shed in their garden that is in dire need of replacement, there is no longer an excuse not to change it.