How To Choose The Right Lawn Mower For Your Garden

Do you want to buy a lawn mower for your garden and not sure which style and model would be best for you? Many people think what is a great deal while buying a lawn mower, but they get surprised the moment they hit the market to survey, as there are so many varieties. You need to sort out the characteristics of each mower as well as the size of lawn, how much time and effort you can devote to mowing and the features of the garden to select the right lawn mower.

Here is a list of mowers available in the market along with a few tips that would help you take the final call:


Manual Reel Mower

The Manual reel mower is a great choice for small, levelled lawns. It needs a little work, so keep that in mind. It is environment-friendly as it does not make any noise or have emission. It is the least expensive lawn mower available in the market.

Battery-Powered Reel Mower

If reel mower suits you perfectly, but you can’t see yourself putting in the energy to mow your lawn, opt for battery-powered mower. However, your garden should be less than one-fourth acre in size, or else this mower is a major purchase failure.

Solar Battery, Hybrid Mower

A solar battery hybrid mower works on a rechargeable battery powered by solar energy. It is the perfect choice for small- and medium-sized gardens that need automatic mowing and homeowners are looking for a green mowing solution. However, it is not the best choice for lawns with slopes and obstacles.

Battery-Powered Walk-Behind Mower

If you want an ecological solution for smaller and flat lawns, rechargeable battery powered walk-behind mowers are a great choice. You can decide which model to buy depending upon the thickness of the grass. Normally, once charged, the battery lets you mow for one hour and forty-five minutes.

Traditional Walk-Behind Mowers

There are numerous models available in traditional walk behind mowers which are an ideal choice for medium-sized lawns. They start easily with a turn up key.

Electric Walk-Behind Mowers

Electric walk behind mower is good for smaller lawns with few obstructions.

To Bag or Not To Bag

This will benefit Mother Nature a lot and you will also save time instead of stopping every now and then to empty the bag. Moreover, you will save money too, because the use of supplemental fertilizer would also come down tremendously. You can use the lawn cuttings to fertilize your lawn or add it to your compost heap.

Self-propelled Mower

The easiest of all options is the self-propelled mower which does not need you to do anything other than walk and steer the mower. If you have a large lawn, this is the perfect mower for you.

Start Your Engines

Many mowers come with electric start and a walk-behind unit. This is a great choice for lawns in cold regions, where the cold can make it difficult to start gas-fuelled mowers. Electric mowers start automatically and aren’t affected by the cold.

Riding Mowers

One should go for riding garden mowers if your garden size is more than a half acre in size and has several obstructions, such as trees, fountains and rocks.

Traditional Riders

The traditional rider garden mower is just like a car with a steering wheel. One should select a model that suits your property requirements. There are various models available in the market that comprise of adjustable seats and variable speed options.

 Zero-Turn Riding Mowers

If your garden has tight areas and lots of obstructions, this is the perfect choice for your lawn. You can turn this lawn mower easily in restricted space.

Multi-Tasking Mowers

There are many mowers that can do lots of activities as mowing, cleaning leaves and even snow removal.

Whether your lawn is big, medium or small, there are enough choices to select from in the market. Find a lawn mower that suits your budget and also fits into your needs. Make sure the features suit your mowing requirements. Keeping these points in mind will help you choose the perfect mower for your garden.