Why You Should Be Making the Most Of Outdoors and Green Spaces

If you live in a city it can often seem like you never see anything other than high-rise buildings and overcast skies. Fortunately, cities are becoming increasingly healthy places to live. Less industrial waste is leading to clearer skies and many cities are making concerted efforts to create green spaces and children’s play areas with a rubber playground floor.


That means you no longer have an excuse not to get out and enjoy the fresh air and outdoor green spaces.  In fact, there are several reasons why you should be making the most of the outdoor spaces in your city:

Connecting To Nature

Simply walking in the park or even sitting on a bench allows you to feel at one with nature.  It gives you the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the world around you and feel connected to all the living things on the planet. This may sound a little ‘far out’. But, connecting with the planet around is important to remind everyone that you are not alone. No matter what you think, no one can go through life alone.


There is no better place to connect with other people. Green spaces are great for meeting friends, indulging in games together, or simply sharing time. Again, this helps you to realize that you are not alone and that your actions have an effect on other people.

Meeting in green spaces helps you to take responsibility for your actions and to be part of your local community. That’s important to ensure you have a fulfilling life.

Improved cognitive Function

Most people walk a daily emotional tightrope. No matter how positive you feel when you get out of bed, there are a variety of influences that can quickly change your state of mind.

The negative emotional impact of daily events has been heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic, potentially leaving people in a fragile state of mind.

That’s why green spaces are so important, they can reduce the occurrence of depression, mental fatigue, and even anxiety. If you’ve ever entered the park in a bad mood you’ll know that it’s impossible to maintain that bad mood. Nature has a way of clearing your mind, allowing you to focus on what is important.

The result is a clearer mind and an improved ability to deal with stressful situations. You’ll also find that your cognitive function improves, it’s another side-effect of de-stressing.

Planning For The Future

A green space can make you feel alive and offer hope, even in the darkest of times. Creating more green spaces will make it easier for future generations to deal with issues and find solutions. The green space becomes a focal point that allows people of all generations to meet with a common goal.

This can inspire younger generations to get involved and build a future together.

Improved Lifespan

Getting outside will encourage you to exercise. As regular exercise is linked with a lower rate of disease and a longer life span you’ll be helping yourself by exercising regularly.

Alongside this, the increase in green spaces in cities is helping to reduce pollution levels in the atmosphere. This pollution is known to shorten life spans, eliminating it will help you to live longer and healthier. That’s a great benefit of paying a little more attention to the world outside your door.

Physical Well Being

Research suggests you should be getting between 120 and 150 minutes of exercise a week. This helps to boost immunity, increases your body’s ability to repair cells, and generally helps to prolong life. The Japanese have even cultivated the idea of ‘forest bathing’. This involves spending time in forests to help your body absorb ‘natural killer cells’. These are reputed to boost your immune system and reduce the risk of disease.

While you can exercise in a gym, there is little more inspirational than exercising in green spaces. You can run by yourself, cycle, or undertake team games, allowing you to maintain or improve your physical fitness while bonding with others.


That’s the real beauty of green spaces, the ability to connect with others, to enjoy fresh air, and to appreciate what this planet has to offer. By understanding and accepting this you can improve your satisfaction and therefore quality of life.