How To Build a Garden From Soda Bottles

Reusing plastic is one of the best ways of contributing towards the cause of saving the earth and if while doing so you can add more beauty to your backyard and front landscaping then, nothing can be better than that. Moreover, it is also a cheaper way of being earth-friendly as well as growing lush green beauty all around your home. The product in discussion is soda bottles that can be given a second life by using them to plant small shrubs and creepers. This way you are really reusing the plastic and plus adding more greenery.

A recent survey by has revealed that only one percent of the plastics are really recycled and the rest end in the landfill. By using the soda bottles that have really fulfilled its initial purpose to grow a beautiful garden you can set an example of ways to effectively use unwanted plastic instead of throwing them in the trash. Moreover, this type of gardening is especially workable for those who live in apartment or flats and have very small space for gardening.So, how do you fulfil this twin purpose by using used soda bottles effectively? Here are some ways that can help:

Garden From Soda Bottles

Basic Things to Know

You can use any type of soda bottle including soft drink bottles (PET) or Coke bottles. Few such soda bottles and some wires are all that you need initially. If you have milk, jugs or various other types of plastic bottles of food-grade type you can use them too for carrying out different gardening tasks. You can carry out different types of gardening depending upon the available resources, space and time you can spare.

Moreover, while making horizontal or vertical gardening arrangement, keep in mind that the roots never need the sunlight and the arrangement should be such that the sunlight falls on the leaves and stems so that the plants can prepare the food and grow up to their natural limits.

Wicking or Self-Watering Planter

It is a type of passive hydroponics that is almost similar to the method that is used in seed starter trays or the Earthbox.

For This, You Need:

  • 2 L bottle of soda and tools
  • Razor
  • Duct tape
  • Thin rope or thick twine
  • Drill to make hole in the cap of the bottle
  • Hole Puncher

Here Is The Method:

  • Cut the top of the soda bottle along with the cork using the razor and make nine to 10 holes in the bottle cap.
  • Wrap the cut part of the soda bottle with duct tape so that it does not break.
  • Put in a mix of clay pellets, potting mix and vermiculite.
  • Make sure that you are using the bottle upside down so that the opening of the bottle is at the bottom.
  • Put the seeds of plants you want to grow when you are finished layering the mix to almost three fourth of the level inside the bottle.
  • If you want to plant a shrub directly, use a stem, or graft for growing a plant you should instead plant it in place of the seeds.
  • Now put some water in the remaining half of the soda bottle.
  • Take some small and thick cotton threads, tie them together at the top and insert these threads through the cap bottle.
  • Place the potted bottle in such a way that it sits well on the remaining half part of the soda bottle containing water with the cap dipping in the water.
  • The upper tied parts of the threads are dipped in water and in this way the thread provides water to the plants.
  • Make a small hole in the bottle and attach it to a stand or hanging garden using wire so that the plant grows erect.

Build Different Types of Garden

In this way, you can build different types of horizontal and vertical gardens using soda bottles. These bottles can be hung easily on the walls with small twines and if arranged in a sequence looks beautiful. You can plant small plants with colourful flowers such as petunias, or vegetables such as spinach or even herbs like basil and grow your own garden of vegetables and herbs on the wall.