How to Get Rid of Cloudy Aquarium Water

By Subodh / June 25, 2010

Many people love to have fish in their aquarium. Fishes look great as they are colorful and simply adorable. They come in so many varieties and look simply awesome. Fish requires an aquarium. Thus if you are a fish lover then you ought to buy an aquarium.

If you want to have an aquarium in the house then there are a few things that you need to include in it and that is a chiller, heater, artificial lights etc. But apart from this entire decor for fish aquarium the most important thing is the volume of water. It is worth noting that size of the aquarium, kind of lighting introduced, volume of water, interiors of the tank etc. play a vital role in dealing with fish’s behavior.

The solute content of water is also a vital aspect. Total dissolved solids, as well as other constituents can have some effect on the chemistry of water and thus it has the capacity to even influence the organisms.

Your browser may not support display of this image. In most of the cases people ask questions about the maintenance of the aquarium and the phenomenon of cloudy water. What are the causes of this cloudy phenomenon? Well, there is no single answer. There are many causes and they are:

1. Onset of bacteria
2. Growth of algae
3. Nitrates as well as phosphates
4. Constituents that are dissolved in water and many more.

Now, here are some remedies that will help in dealing with cloudy aquarium water.

Install water filter: Buy a good water filter. This will help in keeping the water clear for a longer time. You may rely on corner filters, canister filters, fluidized bed filters, under gravel filters.

Change water everyday: If you want clear water and want to get rid of cloudy water in the aquarium then in that case you must change some water everyday. See to it that you change almost 20 percent of water everyday.

Reduce food. It is important to note that too much of food given to the fish in the aquarium will make the water cloudy this is because the food that is not consumed gets settled down in the aquarium.

Find out the real cause. There are many causes of cloudy water. Find out what the real cause is and deal with it.

Remember, even fish want good and lovely environment where they can thrive. You must identify the causes that are responsible for making the water cloudy or polluted. You have to be cautious that you keep the water clear. A clear water fish aquarium will help in making the room better, cleaner and brighter. It will be pleasant for your eyes. It improves the look of the room and gives it a completely new décor. Thus, keeping water clear and free from the cloudy water phenomenon is actually beneficial for you more than that to your fish. Get the water cleared or change the water as per the requirement of the hour. This will be beneficial.