How To Remove Cherry Stains

Juicy cherries are extremely tempting. Kids, especially love them. But mothers tend to hate cherries, as when the cherry season begins, so do the stains on clothes. A white T-shirt or dress can end up with blotches of bright-red, making it a nightmare to get rid of those unsightly cherry stains. If you can identify with this situation, don’t worry. In fact, it is very easy to remove cherry stains. And, we are going to tell the secret of how to remove cherry stains.

Getting Rid of Cherry Stains from Fabric

If your child has spilled cherry juice all over her or his cloth, don’t scold and get angry with the child. Instead, apply some fresh lemon juice over the stain and let it stand for around 5 minutes. The acidic properties of lemon will break the stain. Now, you wash it like normal and let it dry in the sun, which will remove the stain completely, thanks to bleaching properties of the lemon juice combined with the sun rays.

Cherry Stains

Note: If the stain is stubborn and old, mix white vinegar in some soapy water and let the stained fabric steep in the magic concoction for an hour. Now wash the cloth and dry in the sun.

You may make this vinegar and soap solution in large quantities and keep in spray bottles for future use.

It is really simple to remove cherry stains. What you just read was removing such stains from clothing. However, what should one do when such stains adhere to carpets, furniture, tiles and other expensive stuff? Don’t worry because there is a remedy for everything. Read our tips, which will show you that removing cherry stains needs only a smart woman and not a superwoman!

For Delicate Stuff

If your carpet has got stained, all you need to do is to sponge the blemish with cold water. Now use fresh lemon juice to scrub the area. You may blot the stain with any effective stain remover. Let it stand for some time and then clean with running water. If the stain is difficult to remove, apply wet stain spotter and cover with absorbent paper. Again, wash with plenty of water.

Note: If the stain still persists, use enzyme pre-soak products. Follow the instruction the pack and wait till the stain vanishes. Wash thoroughly in water once the stain goes and let it dry in the sun.

For Suede & Leather

Use milk soap and add lukewarm water to it. Use foam to scrub the leather or suede piece and then clean with a cloth. Make sure there is no trace of water or moisture, or the suede or leather will get damaged.

For Show Items Made of Ceramic, Glass, Bamboo, Brass, Acrylic, Vinyl & Stainless Steel

Such items do not absorb any fruity stains and hence it is very simple to remove them. All you need to do is to wipe the spill and clean the stained surface using some warm soapy water. Wipe dry using a clean, lint-free cloth.

For Concretes, Bricks, Tiles, Granite, Bluestone & Other Slabs and Walls

If the cherry juice has spilled over your tile or kitchen countertop during cooking, immediately wipe with a cotton cloth. Use any detergent to wash the area. You may also use washing soda for better results. Employ a toothbrush to scrub the spot and later clean with water.

Note: If cherry stain has affected your vinyl tile, mix a tablespoon of oxalic acid in a pint of water and scrub the stain. Rinse with water. Ensure you wear gloves while using oxalic acid, it can burn the skin and eyes.

For Stains on Marble

Just wiping the surface with detergent will not be enough for marble because cherry stains lead to discolouration of marble. Thus, use powdered detergent with chlorine-based bleach on the stain. Make a thick paste of the two and apply on the stain. Cover and let the paste stay for about 10 minutes. Rinse with clean water and wipe clean.

For Wooden Furniture

Use dishwashing liquid on the stain. You may clean the stain with a cloth or a piece of soft sponge. Next, make a solution of oxalic acid and water and scrub the stain gently. Rinse with water and dry it thoroughly. Then, polish or wax your wooden furniture to restore it to its former glory.

So next time your guests spill cherry juice over your expensive carpet or furniture, don’t fret. Just follow these simple steps and remove cherry stains from all kinds of materials.