How To Remove Yellow Dye Stains

Removing a yellow stain is difficult, but not impossible. Yellow dye stains are truly disheartening. Many times white clothes tend to get yellow with time. Another reason for yellowing of clothes is reaction on coming in contact with sweat. Another common stain that comes across more often is the yellow dye stain that gets transformed to your favourite white shirt from a yellow cloth that is washed along.

These yellow dye stains can be removed through immediate action. However, it is not always feasible to have chemical solutions at home to deal with dye stains. This calls for know-how about effective home solutions to deal with these dye stains.

 Yellow Dye Stains

Procedures to Remove Yellow Dye Stains

When we talk of stains, there is always the option of going to a dry cleaner for help. However, yellow dye stains need immediate action. If you don’t want to use chemical products to treat the stains, you can still treat the affected clothing from permanent staining by using stuff that is easily available at home.

Read on to find methods and way to remove yellow dye stains.

Denture Tablets

This is an effective way to treat yellow dye stains. Take 3-4 denture tablets and dissolve them in a bucket full of water. Soak the stained clothing in this water. Let it stay there overnight or for about 8-12 hours. After this time, take the clothing out from water and wash as normal.

Solution of Peroxide, Baking Soda and Water

Prepare a mixture using equal quantities of peroxide, baking soda and water. Apply this preparation directly onto the stained area to remove the stain completely. Use a bristled brush to scrub the mixture into the affected part. Let it work for about 30-45 minutes. This time can extend, depending on the intensity of the stain. Conclude the procedure with normal washing.

Salt and White Vinegar

Prepare a solution using equal quantities of white vinegar and salt in a bucket of water. Soak the stained clothing in this solution for about 30-45 minutes. Follow the soaking with normal washing.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice works best on light and white coloured clothing stained by yellow dye. The procedure involves the use of fresh lemon juice. Apply lemon juice over the stained area. Allow the clothing with lime juice to dry under the sun for 8-10 hours. When you remove it from sun, wash immediately, either in a washing machine or by hand, to remove the lemon juice and the stain.


This is another effective method to remove yellow dye stains. There are many different ways to apply bleach over stained clothing. Primarily, if it is a small stain over a small area, you can treat it by direct application of the bleach and let it stay there to work for about 15-20 minutes before washing.

Another way to apply bleach is to put it in washing machine along with the washing detergent and water. However, make sure when you add bleach to your washing machine water you are washing just white clothing. Adding bleach to coloured clothing will make the color fade. Also, bleach is not the right choice for many fabrics, such as silk.

Although store bought products for removal of yellow dye stains provide more effective results, they are not always handy. Moreover, the chemical composition can affect the look of the clothing, as the chemicals can act strongly on the fibres. Try to use stain removal chemicals only for severe or stubborn stains.

Mild stains can be removed easily with the tips suggested herein. Also, when using store bought stain removal products, follow the package instructions to avoid further damage to the stained clothing.