How To Remove Ketchup Stains

We all love ketchup and cannot do without this add-on dip for most of the food we eat. It somehow adds to the taste and, ensures the taste buds have a treat. As we get lost in the wonderful taste of ketchup, we realize that there are parts of our clothes which have traces of ketchup on them reminding us of the delectable taste! Once we spot the ketchup stain on our clothing, all hell breaks loose. Ketchup is surely bitter sweet in that sense.

And, it is now top of mind till we actually get the stain out of the clothing. Often, ketchup stains on our favourite whites have rendered the cloth unusable.

ketchup stain

How Can You Get Rid of Ketchup Stains From Your Clothes?

The first step if you have got ketchup on your shirt, dress, blouse or pants is don’t be tempted to wipe or dab the spot. This will worsen the stain and make it bigger. Dabbing or wiping spreads the ketchup and it will penetrate deep into the fibres, making it even more difficult to remove the stain.

Do no delay action on the stain; ketchup stains need fast action because the longer it stays on the fabric the tougher it becomes to remove them.

Tips To Remove Ketchup Stains

The first step is to remove as much of the excess ketchup as possible from the fabric. This can be done using the back of a butter knife or even a spoon. This will ensure the cloth is not damaged and yet remove the excess ketchup stuck to the fabric. Also, this method of removing ketchup prevents from spreading the stain or causing the ketchup to work its way into the cloth fibres.

  • Next, allow cold water to run through the back of the stain, this ensures the stain is forced out of the fabric. If the water is run through the front of the ketchup stain it can get embedded into the clothing. Begin by running cold water backwards through the stain. This helps remove much of the ketchup which is already got into the fibres of the fabric. Hold the fabric right under the faucet and make the most of the water pressure. Ensure the other cleaner and drier areas of the fabric are away from the stain or the water so that no other clean part of the fabric gets stained. Make sure the rest of the fabric is kept out of the sink.
  • Use a light detergent and rub it on the stained area of the fabric. Use gentle strokes to get the detergent inside the fabric and do not spread the detergent far on the fabric as it will spread the stain.
  • If it is a white garment, you could use a mild bleaching agent. Some of the agents that can be used are hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar. Use a sponge to apply the bleaching agent on the fabric. Alternatively, lemon juice can also be used on the fabric. Rinse thoroughly. Use a mild detergent and wash off again in running water.
  • The process can be repeated with a mild bleaching agent and a thorough rinse with water till the stain no longer appears.
  • If the stain is stubborn and does not go away you could also apply a stain remover stick, spray or gel. This should be allowed to remain on the cloth for at least five minutes for it to work its magic. Use detergent to wash the stain and rinse thoroughly. Before drying, check if the stain is gone. The stains that dry will remain permanently.

Use these steps to remove ketchup stains and restore the former glory of your clothes or even table linen.