How To Get Rid of Mattress Stains

By Subodh / July 11, 2011

Mattress stains such as ones resulting from feeding yourself or your baby on your bed occur all the time. Pet urination is another very common mattress stain source.

The problem with these soil or dirt spots is more than just about appearance. Sometimes the food or urine spots leave behind an odor.

Therefore, it is highly likely that you are looking for a way to deal with the issue as soon as possible. Otherwise, the odor could become even more stubborn and thus could be harder and harder to remove.

It is possible to have a clean mattress once again without having to purchase a new one (at least not yet anyway).

If your mattress still has some years on it you can use one or more of these ideas and methods to help remove the stains:

mattreess stain

  • One suggestion is to use an enzyme cleaner:- These will break down both odor and appearance of a stain. It especially works on dried urine but it also can work on food stains. It helps break down the proteins that cause some stains to persist, and it is especially recommended for use on urine stains.Try recommended brands of mattress cleaners. For example, Bane-Clene or Nature’s Miracle could really do the trick. The Bane-Clean specifically is highly recommended because it can protect you from allergies. ProKlean also seems to do wonders in many cases.
  • Try a homemade mixture:- Dry suds with warm water along with ¼ cup of mild powdered detergent would be very helpful.
    • You can beat an egg into this cleaning mixture for extra measure. When suds form apply this foamy mixture with a sponge, then wipe with a sponge dipped in warm water.
  • Try a hydrogen peroxide solution:- First, blot the stain using a white towel until bubbles begin to form. Keep doing this until blood no longer seeps onto your white towel. This works better for fresher blood stains versus ones that have set for a while.
  • Try an upholstery shampoo:- A higher-quality product is recommended for this purpose. For best results, when you use this substance it should be applied as soon as possible after the spill has occurred. When used promptly, it helps remove stains and odor very effectively.

This is not an exhaustive list of methods used to clean out mattress stains. However, this list should sure get you started as far as giving you ideas on how to deal with this situation, which of course more than one option is presented above.

More than one solution is provided as well, and this is just to give you a peace of mind that you can choose. If one method does not seem right to you or does not work out very well you can try a different one.

Whatever solution you try first, take care to remember to test the solution or method of choice. You can try it on a hidden area before going “live” on dealing with a stain using one certain method. This will save quite a bit of chances of damage.

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